Website: New Version, ready for 2009!

Because I had nothing to do (:P) I picked today to finally upgrade the site to the latest WordPress version. In fact, this should not affect anything for all of you but it does for us since administration is changed and some bugs have been solved. The upgrade went fine as far as I can tell. If you experience any trouble that you didn’t have before, drop us a mail ( and we will look into it.


How to fit 100 people in a 9 square foot office?

The solution to that problem isn’t hard, just built virtualized workspaces. Last few weeks I have had several dreams how such a place could look like. Imagine a small 1 person office completely surrounded in glass with lots of plants in it like a green house. You would feel lonely in such a place ? Just project your team members in the glass surrounding you, so you can build your surrounding like you have arranged and rearranged your desk for the last couple of years. Just want video without audio no problem mute your colleagues when you have to make a phone call, so you don’t bother them and they don’t bother you at that moment.

This way you can work, with several colleagues, in mixed composition, in a small office, interacting with each other when needed. We don’t want our coffee to be virtual or do we? One machine that can give out any juice you need at that time? Sounds lovely to me.

Most of the techniques needed to build a virtual office is already at hand, so why don’t combine them?


New KB Articles published for week ending 12/28/2008

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at


Creating portgroups with PowerShell

I must  be a workaholic. I was browsing my laptop for some movie and I came across a folder with all kinds of plugins for VirtualCenter. Things like addPortgroup and other stuff.

Although it’s very handy to use those plugins I like to be able to these kind of things from the commandline, so I started some PowerShell script (here is where the workaholic starts) to create portgroups on all your VMware hosts that are known by VirtualCenter.


Seasons Greetings from!

Three months ago we kicked off with our own virtualization blog, with the intention to share our tips, tricks, news and real life experiences. We hope you enjoyed our effort, the statistics say you do more and more. From the end of October until today, we saw 11.084 visits with 134.787 page views. Together with the RSS feeds, this adds up to 371.328 hits and 5,6 GB traffic. Needless to say we’re pretty proud of that.

In 2009 the four of us will start with our new jobs with Centric MIS headquarters. We hope to give you even more tips, tricks and real life experiences than we did last year. All the signs say it will be a very interesting year. Of course we hope to see even more visitors in the years to come, so spread the word ;)

So from all of us here at, a merry christmas, a super (virtual) new year and we hope to see you all again in 2009!


New KB Articles published for week ending 12/21/2008

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at


VMware vSphere?

Several blogs have already reported on this issue, the new version of VMware’s ESX product line will not be called VI4 or ESX(i)4 but VMware vSphere. When I read this I thought which idiot came up with that name? vSphere? What’s that? What is the link with ESX and virtualization? Are we going to run virtual machines in spheres in the future because the term ‘isolation’ was not clear enough? Does VMware need to join the buzzword-hype, like ‘bubble’ and ‘cloud’?

Apparently VMware employees where able to vote for a name for the new product and vSphere was the winner in this competition.

Google GM EMEA switches to VMware

VMware posted yesterday that there will be a new general manager for the EMEA area, Maurizio Carli.

He will be responsible for strategic planning, business operations and management of key functions for EMEA including sales, channels, services and marketing.  He will report directly to Carl Eschenbach, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations.


VMWorld Europe 2009 tease

Yesterday Matthijs Haverink from posted an interview with Richard Garsthagen (VMware). This video was made at the VMUG meeting in NL last friday. Richard reveals some details about VMWorld Europe 2009 like that there will be around 150 break-out sessions and you won’t have to presign-up. If sessions are popular they will be repeated. Check out the video below for the entire interview.

Dutch VMUG 2008 – Interview Richard Garsthagen (VMware) –

Update Manager session disconnects

Recently I experienced problems with VMware Update Manager. When working with the virtual infrastructure the VI client suddenly displays a message stating that my session with VMware Update Manager was no longer valid and that the plugin would be unloaded. At first I suspected that network issues were the cause of the problem as at this client site we have separate vCenter and Update Manager servers for security reasons. So I created a affinity rule keeping both servers together to rule out network issues between the two servers. Unfortunately the error messages kept popping up. I had no idea what to do and was thinking about accepting this issue but this goes against my nature and pride. (more…)

HA problem checklist

Last few weeks I have been very busy solving HA issues at a client site. As you may have read I solved the problems by swapping out the USB sticks and troubleshooting BIOS settings. Now my collegues asked me if I could write down all checks I performed (together with VMware support) to target these HA issues.


Virtual Offices

Virtual Office is so much more than just a virtual working place. Things like VOIP, teleconferencing etc will add up to the ultimate virtual office.

I think a lot of companies should strive to create virtual offices. This way they can cut back their expenses. Their employees have to travel less, they don’t get stuck in traffic jams and so on.


New KB articles published for week ending 12/14/2008

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at


VMware HCL searchable

VMGuy posted a very very useful item today… The HCL is searchable!!

No more downloading PDF’s before you give an advice, just search the up to date HCL


nWorks 4.0 VMware management

Since Veeam took over nWorks they been working very hard on the next version of the already pretty decent VMware connectors for management software like SCOM and HP. This resulted in the just released version 4.0 of their VMware Smart Plug-in for VMware (HP) and the Management Pack for VMware (SCOM).


SunRay presentations

Yesterday we talked about the event Sun held on december the 9th.

Sun was kind enough to make the presentations available for download in PDF format. The presentations are in Dutch, but I think most of the pictures make sense even in English :)


Real thin clients with Sunray

Yesterday AJ and me have been attending a seminar from Sun Microsystems about the Sunray. The Sunray is the next step in moving more processes into the backend and less hardware at the frontend.

After a little introduction of the Sunray, Sible Schöne of the Climate bureau was given the word. He told a long, but very interesting story about the climate changes on earth. In the end he basicly told us that in order to bring down power consumption the Sunray would be a great first step to do so. The Sunray in itself only uses 4W and there are options to have the Sunray draw its power from power-over-ethernet. (more…)

P2V unstable hardware

Today we got a server from a company the client took over. It was an old server which was used to store scans from a multfunctional printer/scanner. This server needed to be P2V-ed to be used as an archive. The first shock was that it had 2 dongels connected. Luckily these dongels were for the licensing of the multifunctional which we no longer use. Then we found out the old hardware was far from stable, a cold clone resulted in an error indicating hardware trouble. So a collegue swapped all possible hardware in an attempt to create a functioning server which would live just long enough to P2V it. (more…)