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Hello Folks!

Alex Brown was so kind to provide us with a kick-ass new image we could use as our logo.


TAZZ fiddled it into the website already and I will try to fix the favourite icon later this weekend. We hope you like the new logo, we most certainly do!



vCenter physical or virtual? (part 2)

Matthijs Haverink from posted a great article on the ever returning vCenter physical/virtual discussion as Anne Jan has posted on recently.

In his article he describes 4 critical decisions which have to be made:
1. vCenter: physical or virtual
2. SQL database: locally or detached
3. Redundancy options: make it redundant and if so; how?
4. License server: locally or detached


VMWorld input wanted!

As you may have noticed, the VMGuru crew will attend VMWorld Europe 2009 in Cannes at the end of Februari and we recieved a special bloggers invitation. This invitation gives us access to special bloggers seat, the bloggers lounge and an video/interview room. Here we can interview VMware employees and staff.

So here’s our proposal: Do you have any (non technical) questions for VMware?  Do you want us to get answers directly from VMware? Send us you questions and preferably the person we should ask it and we will try to get your answers at VMworld Europe 2009.

Send your question, with a good description, to or The answers will be published on

Guest customization in VirtualCenter 2.5 fails

One of our clients wanted to start using the deployment of virtual machines with the customization wizard in VirtualCenter. For a strange reason this didn’t work. Probably the time of day wasn’t right for me, because I totally forgot the article about the customization problem.

If you change the path for the TEMP and TMP variables to store tempfiles on another location the customization fails. It looks like the process can’t copy the files to the desired location.

I know, it’s an old kb article, but perhaps it can save you time (and stupid looks from your collegues ;))

High throughput iSCSI with VMware: a multi-vendor post

One of the feeds in my RSS reader is the VMware feed. One of the posts that caught my attention was the ‘High Throughput iSCSI with VMware’


Do you Poken?

pokenusbIt looks like this is going to be THE new thing this year. Almost every has a Facebook account, LinkedIn network or some other form of social network online.

Business cards are oldskool these days. In the new, virtual, cloud connected era you have gotta have something electronic to link your reallife friends and business partners to your online networks.


VMware Knowledge Base Update

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at


T minus 4 weeks

cannes2008_2 It’s almost a month before the start of VMWorld Europe 2009 in Cannes.

We are counting down the days as we are very exited to attend this great event again.

If you are not sure if you want to attend VMWorld check out these photos, maybe those will convince you to come.

Check out from Feb 22-27 for ‘live’ reports from THE European virtualization event!

VMworld Europe 2009 Speaker & Session Catalog

Yesterday VMware published the speaker and sessions catalog for VMworld Europe 2009 which will take place Febr 24-26 in Cannes, France.

Pre-registration for sessions is not available. Additional sessions and details from various presenters and speakers will be added between now and the conference, so please check back for new information.

For people who have a VMworld login, the speaker and session catalog can be found here.
For those of you who don’t have a VMworld login (yet), the static speakers & sessions catalog can be found below. (more…) will be there!!

cannes2008Today we finally received conformation of our special bloggers invite.

This invite gives us access to the press lounge, video recording room and special bloggers seats at the sessions.

This is not only great news for us but also good news for you, our VMGuru audience because this means we can give you    front row seats while we report live from VMworld Europe 2009 from Monday Feb 23 (Partner day) until Thursday Feb 26. So  check out during this period to get the latest news on the virtualization marketplace.


Everybody has his or her own opinion. And that’s a good thing …. most of the time. And everybody wants to solve problems or create solutions in their own way. Since we all have our own opinion and we all have a different view of the world around us, we all create different solutions for the same problem. And again, this is a good thing, most of the time.

But every now and then you have to solve a problem in too little time and you ask yourself: ‘Isn’t there anybody that already solved this problem?‘ The answer is almost always: Yes, somebody already solved it.


More PowerShell stuff

Last year I started to write a small program in Perl to document the virtual infrastructures we encounter at client locations.
But since it’s all PowerShell it was time to start to write the same thing in PowerShell.


Deploying Exchange 2007 server on VMware infrastructure

VMware is working hard on the view people have on virtualization. The recently made the following article available, wich covers the deployment of Exchange 2007 on a VMware infrastructure.

VMware starts the article with the description of an “old” Exchange 2003 enviroment. From that point they take you through the necessary planning and consideration steps needed to get that “old” enviroment into a new Exchange 2007 with VMware infrastructure.

551a8b; text-decoration: underline;">Link to the article


New articles published for week ending 1/18/2009

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at


vCenter security tips

Jason Boche posted a very good article on security of vCenter.I could try and explain it to you, but I think you’d be better of visiting the original article from Jason.

He explains it by comparing it to NTFS security for Windows administrators. Link to his article


Browsing through your VC database like a drive

Yesterday I was browsing through the PowerShell scripts posted in the VI Toolkit community on the VMware site.

One of the scripts I immediately liked was the “Create a PSDrive to browse your inventory” script. With this script you can browse through your vCenter database like it was a drive.


Managing VMware with PowerShell FAQ

If you’re interested in automating your virtual environment you should check out this link. It containts a list of frequently asked questions about PowerShell combined with VMware.

T minus 6 weeks

It’s one and a half month before the first day of VMWorld Europe 2009 in Cannes. Last year it was a great succes so as soon as registration opened I registered as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to Feb 22 as we fly to Cannes the day before the Partner Day. Hopefully we managed to arrange the blogger-seats Richard Garsthagen offered us so we can bring you all the news from Cannes as it is presented to us.

To get in the mood here’s a video of the highlights of VMWorld Europe 2008.

Check out from Feb 22-27 for ‘live’ reports from THE European virtualization event!