VCP410 booked

Today was the first day to become a VCP on VMware vSphere 4. I wanted to become one of the first VCP’s on vSphere 4 within our company and tried to schedule the exam last week  but due to voucher problems I didn’t succeed.

A colleague did manage to schedule and take the exam today and he became the first Centric VCP on vSphere 4. Congratulations Johan!

Just now, I was able to schedule the exam and just to put the pressure on, I expect to be a VCP on vSphere 4 coming Friday at 11:30 AM.

New articles published for week ending 8/30/2009

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Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d released

Last week Iomega StorCenter ix4-200dIomega  announced a new NAS appliance called the Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d. It is based on  EMC storage technologies and contains four SATA-300 drivebays. With a storage capacity of 2, 4 and 8 TB it is the ideal NAS appliance for small businesses, distributed offices and home office networks that require advanced data storage and protection features without the need for a dedicated IT staff.

By default the Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d is configured as a RAID 5 array but RAID 10 or JBOD is also possible. Free disk space can be monitored on the front LCD display.

The Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d is equipped with two gigabit ethernet ports which support link aggregation, network failover and subnetting. It also supports various protocols like iSCSI, NFS, DLNA, uPnP, Bonjour, SNMP, FTP, HTTP and Samba so it can be used with Mac-, Windows- or Linux hosts.


Live from the Moscone Center in San Fransico ….. (2)

For all off you who liked the techno-porn I described in my earlier post on all hardware which is flown in for VMworld 2009, which starts next week, here’s some video footage.

VMware vSphere 4 reference card

On the site I came across a post announcing the “vSphere 4 reference card”. Wondering what this was I started reading the post.

It seems that Forbes Guthrie made a document containing hard limits for the vSphere 4 products. I found the list of items very wide and should come in handy when looking for limits of the vSphere 4 products.

The reference card is refreshed every now and then, so check out the site periodically. Or subscribe to the RSS feed of the site.

Hopefully this card can help you as future reference. I found it to be very helpful.

Live from the Moscone Center in San Fransico …..

Many people have already traveled to America to attend VMworld 2009 which starts Monday September 31th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We’ve already seen the ‘Ultimate Gabe & Babe US Road Movie‘ and a Gabrie’s New Orleans site-seeing clip.

But today, Virtual Geek, Chad Sakac posted some pictures frm inside the Moscone Center where the VMworld crew is busy setting up all hardware for next weeks VMworld 2009.

There will be 3 datacenters which will support all the hands-on labs, e-mail stations, booths, etc. The largest datacenter consists of 16 racks, each containing 4 Cisco UCS blade chasis, with 8 blades each. This totals 512 blades(!) so computing power won’t be a problem.

Do you want a peek? Check more.


VMworld Europe 2010 goes Copenhagen

Eric Sloof just reported on that next year VMworld Europe 2010 will be held at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen.

This was revealed onthe last page of the VMworld 2009 conference guide.
So Copenhagen here we come!

hello 2010

VMworld Europe 2010
October 11 – 14
Bella Centre, Copenhagen

VMware View: Design Best Practices course

Last weekend VMware launched a new course called ‘VMware View: Design Best Practices’. It’s a hands-on training course which explores the foundations of designing VMware View architectures and is meant for System architects, system administrators, IT managers, and individuals responsible for designing VMware View architectures.

It addresses:

  • the recommended design process;
  • the layered architecture design model and the reference framework for a View design;
  • design considerations to meet business needs;
  • VMware’s best practices for a View deployment.

Before you can attend you should have completed the VMware View: Install, Configure, Manage course or have equivalent experience with VMware View.

Interested? More information can be found here.

t minus 1 week

We’re now 1 week from the start of VMworld 2009 at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco. Unfortunately the won’t attend but many of our fellow blogger will. According to our info, Gabrie van Zanten from Gabe’s Virtualworld and Eric Sloof from will attend as will many others.

We will be monitoring all the VMworld 2009 news next week and will try to keep you informed as much as possible.

vSphere 4 HA may not work with certain IP addresses

Filtering through my e-mail after a short, one week, holiday I ran into an e-mail from one of my colleagues pointing me to VMware KB Article 1013013. This KB article describes one of the first patches for vCenter Server 4.

The problem is that High Availability in a vSphere 4 virtual environment may not work when a host failure occurs and the node failure detection algorithm fails when using certain IP addresses. VMware found out that this is due to the fact that all of the Service Console Port(s) or Management Network IP address(s) on an ESX host fall within the following range:

3.x.x.x – 9.x.x.x
26.x.x.x – 99.x.x.x

Note: You are not affected if one of Service Console Port(s) or Management Network IP address(s) on your ESX host falls outside of this range.

The problem can obviously be solved by changing (one of the) Service Console Port(s) or Management Network IP address(s) or install vCenter Server 4.0 Patch 1.

More information can be found here.

New articles published for week ending 8/23/2009

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at


Getting your money back

To get a new project funded is often hard work. You have to calculate how much it costs to build your virtual infrastructure and how fast you can save money so you can justify the investment. Even after you started the project and you are building the infrastructure you still have to keep an eye on your wallet.  The same goes for virtualizing desktops. We calculate what it costs to create the virtual infrastructure for the virtual desktops.

But what do we do when the infrastructure is in place? We simply put the total cost for maintaining the infrastructure on the IT budget. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to let the ‘user’ pay for the resources he is using, like in the old days with shared computers/mainframes?


New articles published for week ending 8/16/2009

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at


Virtualization increases risk of data loss?

Virtualization increases risk of data loss?‘ Let it be very clear that this is not my opinion but a quote  from an article published today by the ‘Automatiserings Gids’ (NL) in which it quotes James Lyne, security specialist at Sophos. Lyne made his statements during this podcast.

Normally I don’t respond to articles like this but this one is too ridiculous not to.

First of all, James Lyne is working for a Security/Antivirus manufacturer making these claims? Not very trustworthy. Do they have a new product to promote? The situation is identical to what Anne Jan wrote about on March 24th, ‘IT personnel lack communication skills‘.

Second of all, the claims made in the article do not show a very good understanding of reality.

I will try to translate and quote as precise and realistically as possible.

‘There is a bit of an unrecognized risk with the shift to virtualization that is compromising the security model that was traditionally in place. When you had a physical server, it was locked down in the data center and you controlled access to that resource using the operating system. You define access control lists that said that HR had access to this resource here or sales had access to these portions of data. With that physical system those access controls were very much a gate to getting access to the data because the only you could access it was over the network. With a virtual system we’re taking that physical hard drive and you’re putting it in a convenient file and that file, as it is the normal design of virtualization infrastructure, is placed on a SAN or some kind of shared storage, where people go to access data. And people are now not thinking about how they define controls over access to that file system. They’re not thinking about the fact that anyone who has access to the virtualization infrastructure now has raw access to the files that contain their most sensitive data.’


Great new VMware whitepapers

Usually everybody is on holiday during this period and because of that we lack new projects and great news. ‘Komkommertijd‘, as we call it in the Netherlands. Fortunately (for us) Duncan Epping, known from Yellow-Bricks, isn’t  on holiday (yet) and he pointed me to some great new VMware whitepapers.

So,do you want to get educated on VMware now?

Then you should definitely visit Duncan’s blog or directly download and read the following whitepapers:

And to top it of, yesterday Duncan posted an addition to his ‘HA deepdive‘ discussing HA and slot sizes.

So that’s four documents which will help you through your day.

Across the room Anne Jan is working on an article discussing his first vCenter Chargeback implementation. So after you have read the four documents get back here as soon as possible.

Website update

‘ello Folks!

Today we’ve updated WordPress to its latest version. There was a serious bug in a previous version and we already had some nice people testing our security. So, from this spot, I’d like to thank them all for their work of probing our site about 5 to 10 times on a daily basis for securityholes, as well as testing our spamfilter for postings for 1.836 times. ;)

Anyway, we’re up-to-date again and we hope to stay safe!



VMware to Acquire SpringSource

VMware announced yesterday that they are into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held SpringSource, a leader in enterprise and web application development andSpringSourcemanagement.

SpringSource is the innovator and driving force behind some of the most popular and fastest growing open source developer communities, application frameworks, runtimes, and management tools. In just five years, SpringSource has established a presence in a majority of the Global 2000 companies, and is rapidly delivering a new generation of commercial products and services. VMware plans to continue to support the principles that have made SpringSource solutions popular: the interoperability of SpringSource software with a wide variety of middleware software, and the open source model that is important to the developer community.

Together, VMware and SpringSource plan to further innovate and develop integrated Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions that can be hosted at customer datacenters or at cloud service providers. These solutions will allow customers to rapidly build new enterprise and web applications and run and manage these applications in the same dynamic, scalable and cost-efficient vSphere-based internal or external clouds that can also host and manage their existing applications, providing an evolutionary path to the future. Forrester Research expects the emerging and rapidly growing PaaS market to expand to $15B by 2016. (Platform-As-A-Service Market Sizing, July 13, 2009)

VMworld 2009 is about to start

It’s almost time: One of the biggest, if not the biggest virtualization event in the world is starting, VMworld 2009. From August 31st till September 3rd the Moscone Center in San Fransisco will be the home of everything virtualized.

This year at VMworld 2009, discover how virtualization is revolutionizing the next generation of computing—providing efficiency and flexibility at a time when both are critical to the future of IT.

If you are going and are still not sure what to see, go visit the Solutions Exchange. A lot of vendors are presenting their top notch virtualization products. Also be sure to go the

Unfortunately the crew won’t be there, but don’t worry, we will be monitoring all the new things they will present there and keep you informed.

Also keep an eye on for more information arround the whole event.