PCoIP the road ahead, enabling a rich desktop experience from task workers to designers

Wyse-P20-logo-150x60I just finished a great webinar by Randy Groves, Chief Technology Officer at Teradici Corporation.

The challenge for this and upcoming years is to give the most demanding users a true user experience while working on a true zero client through any network. The Teradici corporation is far ahead of the rest with their PCoIP protocol. No surprise VMware embraced the technology and the Teradici corporation by working together to answer the challenge.

The entire focus of the Teradici company is PCoIP, the DNA of the team working on the PCoIP protocol is from big and important companies like Broadcom, Intel, Nvidia and others.

Why should you want to use your graphics remotely you ask?
Several branch of industries choose for running graphics in the datacenter because of several reasons. For instance the healthcare industry and because of security, Media & Entertainment and CAD/CAM because of the enormous power they can use in a datacenter and efficient way of using resources and you can connect to it from anywhere. So designers aren’t convicted to 1 pDesktop, if that 1 breaks down it will be a big loss, instead they can use almost any device to do their work from anywhere connecting to their vDesktop or even vDesktops. Also branches like the Trading Floor, Air Traffic control and others who want space savings are using graphics remotely.


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VMware vExperts


During VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes, VMware announced the vExpert program. Erik and Anne Jan both were awarded with a vExpert award for their effort and enthusiasm around virtualization and their community work.  Today, ta the end of the day a special delivery arrived at the office from overseas we had to sign for, bringing proof that we have 2 vExperts in our midst. Congrats guys, you earned it and you now have a nice paper to proof it. Keep up the good work and maybe you can prolong the vExpert status in 2010.

Oracle application support on VMware

According to buzz in the blogosphere, last July VMware COO Tod Nielsen met with Charles Phillips President of Oracle with regards to the ongoing support issues/questions customers experience vmware-logo-new-2009-400when using VMware virtualization technology.

Tod Nielsen providing Oracle with a list of over 500 VMware customers asking for Oracle to support their apps running on VMware. Charles appreciated this but stated that this is a challenges for him as he has not personally received this request from customers, and until he does, cannot see making this a priority for his team. So the bottom line is that Oracle doesn’t feel that many people run critical apps on Oracle in a Virtual environment.


Project VRC: Clock drift and test results

VRCProject Virtual Reality Check finally posted a new document about previous results and possible clock drift when using the “Login Virtual Session Indexer (VSI)”.  Previous test setups and results didn’t take into account how different hypervisors handle passing time.

In my opinion this is a serious setback to Project VRC which is considered an institute in the virtualization world. People will start questioning the results when no new tests will be performed.

Below is a description from the Project VRC website explaining the new whitepaper they published on September 14th 2009. This is a must read for people that already did some testing as well as new tests. In short: ‘Because of Windows clock behavior in virtual machines the results were affected and some hypervisors may come out better than they really are.

This whitepaper is a review and reflection on previous Project VRC publications, the benchmark: “Login Virtual Session Indexer (VSI)” and Windows clock behavior within virtual machines.  This discussion is fueled by the fact that results from the individual Project VRC whitepapers are set side-by-side to compare hypervisors. Project VRC has been in discussion with both vendors and community, and performed additional research in this context. Before Project VRC can publish new results, it is important to address any questions, review the impact of this discussion and improve VSI where possible.

You can download it at www.projectvrc.nl

The major conclusions in this Whitepaper are:


VMware View 4.0 and Wyse P20


Now that the new version of VMware View is coming shortly I was investigating the new possibilities with our thin client providers. Wyse Technology which has a nice solution already for the View 3.1 platform now has a new Zero Client which is specially made for View 4.0.

What makes this Zero Client so special? This model support PCoIP. PCoIP is the answer from VMware to make a great user experience possible with VMware View. Wyse-P20-100x154VMware partnered with Teradici to introduce the PCoIP technology into View.  The P20 not only uses the software implementation but the P20 also contains the hardware chip that Teradici uses in the PCI Card solution. Tested by Brain Madden a couple of month ago.  Also see this article at BrianMadden . Imagine the possibilities this solution can offer in your VDI environment.

When the Wyse P20 comes to EMEA is not yet clear, but I hope to find out more next month. We at VMGuru.nl will also try to get our hands on a P20 model so we can blog our experiences.

More info on:  http://www.wyse.com/products/hardware/zeroclients/P20/index.asp

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The first security products for VMSafe have arrived

TrendMicro_logoThis week I attend the launch party from Trend Micro. They presented their latest products which are fully virtualization aware.

First they introduced the new way of defending viruses and malware. Because nowadays the viruses and malware changes signatures so quickly the signatures database grows also so quickly. In the long run the signatures database takes so much internal memory. Especially in virtual environments this becomes a waste of useful resources. Trend Micro is the first vendor that takes a different approach. Instead of keeping a signatures database on every machine (virtual or physical) they query a cloud based database which is always up to date and always up and running. It is more like a framework and it called Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network.


Microsoft’s Enterprise Desktop Virtualisation (MED-V) for Windows 7 will not be available until Q1/2010

Where the development team of Windows 7 did it’s best to release the final version of the product before the holiday season of 2009, the enterprise boys of the MDOP team (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) weren’t that quick. MED-V, which is the desktop virtualization product by Microsoft and part of the MDOP suite, will not support Windows 7 in the next release, which is planned for October 2009. Instead, there will be a separate update in the first quarter of 2010  through release of a service pack (Med-V 1.0 SP1).

Read all details here.

A new blogger in town

Today we added a new blogger to VMGuru.nl!  Arjan van ‘t Hoff is a colleague from another division of Centric, Centric ITS.

Arjan is a great addition to VMGuru.nl because he works for another division of Centric which main focus is to sell hardware and software and hopefully this will add a new and fresh view.

We all hope to spot content from Arjan soon.

Vizioncore vProduct range

This morning we had a meeting with Vizioncore/Quest. Danny Claproth and Jan-Willem Koppers informed us on their complete range of vProducts.

Vizioncore offers a wide range of products which add additional features or deliver VMware-like features. I’ve not had very much time to test their products yet but I knew most of them by name and function. After attending Danny’s presentation I will definitely make time to check out their neat products.

The ones I will definitely check out are vFoglight, vOptimizer, vConverter and of course Virtualization EcoShell.

From what I saw vFoglight is a brilliant virtualization management solution which delivers performance-, capacity- and cost monitoring to improve resource utilization, recover costs and quickly find bottlenecks in your infrastructure.


The road to VCP 4 certification

After becoming a VCP4 I regularly get questions from my colleagues on how to become a VCP4.

Can I take the VCP410 exam without further training?
I attended the VI3, Install & configure course but didn’t take the exam yet. Can I take the VCP exam instead?

Maureen Lonergan wrote a very neat article on this, ‘Ahead of the learning curve’

In this article Maureen talks about the various road which lead to VCP4 certification. In short?

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CDG Technical update

Yesterday, the three of us attended one of the quarterly CDG(1) Technical update sessions which was held at ‘de Glazen Ruimte‘ in Maarssen.

The three subject were:

  1. RES Software and VMware View by Bart van Winden (RES) en Ton Hermes (VMware);
  2. Citrix reduces traffic jams on the roads to and from our Dynamic Delivery Center by Marc Wagevoort (CDG);
  3. VMworld San Francisco 2009 update by Rob van der Wel.


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Wyse Pocket Cloud demo

Just before VMworld 2009 Wyse released a great application for the iPhone called Wyse Pocket Cloud. It’s a great new application which enables you to connect to servers of desktops using RDP or VMware View.

So, what do you need and how can you get it? You need an iPhone 3G with a WiFi or 3G connection and today you can still download the application in the Apple Store for €15,99. This is a limited time promotional sale (30% off) for the week of VMworld.

Richard Garsthagen recorded a nice demo on VMworld which you can watch below.

VCP410 certified.

Today I took my VCP410 exam, as announced earlier this week.
So I studied hard this week and …………….. succeeded!

My score was 344 points of max 400 500. Unfortunately that’s 86%, not enough to become a VMware Certified Instructor :(
(Edited after reading VCP on vSphere 4 Exam Scoring) Too bad but a pass is a pass ……

Compared to my VCP3 exam I found the exam to be quite difficult. It’s not an easy walk through exam, in and out in 20 minutes. But I don’t care, it’s ‘in the pocket’. :)

My exam preparation? Much hands-on experience, read the study guide and all related pdf’s and of course the ‘What’s new in VMware vSphere 4 course’ by NTPRO.nl-guru Eric Sloof. ;)

VMGuru.nl widget for Mac OS X Dashboard

VMGuru.nl widgetI finally got around to it: Installing the development tools for Mac OS X. After a couple of months using the Mac I now enter the world of development again.
One of the first things I tried was a dashboard widget with the VMGuru.nl RSS feed. I must say that for a first time (and with all 2 minutes I spent on it) it looks nice IMO.

I hope you enjoy it. If you got any problems, let me know.

File: VMGuru.nl widget