McAfee MOVE anti-virus

Last week we had a meeting with a McAfee Sales Engineer and he told us something I have been waiting for for a long time.

McAfee now has a product especially for virtualized environments, McAfee MOVE (Management for Optimized Virtual Environments). After Trend Micro, McAfee is now the second anti-virus company, that I know of, which has a product especially for virtual environments.

McAfee’s Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) platform is combines speed ad security by significantly reducing the overhead of protecting individual machines in a VMware or Citrix virtual environment. Support for Microsoft Hyper-V is not available yet.

McAfee MOVE does this by offloading all anti-virus tasks to an appliance/server which needs to be installed on each ESX host or XenServer in a cluster. The only McAfee components which needs to be installed on the virtual server or desktop is the McAfee MOVE client and the ePO agent.

(more…) 2 year anniversary

Due to VMworld 2010, my job interviews and the problems with our Zimbra mail server we haven’t had the time to ‘celebrate’ our 2 year anniversary. So a bit late.

Two years ago, in October 2008, we started our website/blog called and we had an amazing first year. But our second year was even better….

First year
In our first year we managed to write 355 articles, generating 192.465 visits and 8.1M hits by 29.193 unique visitors.

Second birthday
During our second year we’ve tried to exceed our first year and despite some issues with the stability of our new server we succeeded.

We want to thank everybody who visited, supported us and gave us feedback. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and we hope we can keep you informed for another few years.


Zimbra is down

This evening I noticed that our Zimbra server wasn’t responding properly. In the end it wasn’t responding at all so I rebooted the VM. Unfortunately that worsened the situation, it now is down and out totally. No luck starting services, error messages making no sense, I scanned the Zimbra forums for a solution but nobody seems to have this issue. So.. let’s hope anyone can help out here. For the moment our mail is out.

Keeping you all posted on the progress..

VMworld 2010 Copenhagen recap

TalkShoeFor those who could not attend to this years VMworld in Copenhagen, VMware is hosting a community roundtable featuring a recap of VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen.

The show is planned for Wednesday 20th October at 20.00 GMT ( 15.00 EDT / 21.00 GMT+1 ). The link to the site can be found here.

I will definitely tune in and likely some other crew members.

VMworld Europe 2010 Summary

We posted a lot of items when we were at VMworld in Copenhagen, so I thought it would be good to give you a summary so you wouldn’t miss a thing.



VMworld 2010 Impression

As you all know we attended VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen last week and during that week we shot hours and hours of video. We already published many of the videos but Anne Jan created an great impression of VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen from the unused footage.

In a 10 minute video he shows you one week at VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen. A definite tip!

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
Images and photos on our gallery

VMWorld 2010 Roundup

VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen is over.

It was a huge success as far as us here at concerns. We had a fantastic time. Although it was very demanding at times, the team pulled through together. During VMworld, we generated more than 20 posts here at Edwin’s dairy posts gave a bit of an insight in what we did every day. In general, we were on our feet from 7:30 AM up to 01:30 AM. During these long days, we shot a huge amount of photo’s and video’s. Most material has already been posted and we hope we have made a difference with our posts.

Our goal was to give you, our visitor,  an idea of what was shown at VMworld 2010, the keynote sessions, the solution exchange and the overall experience. If we did it right, you might even have had the feeling you were there with us at the conference. We tried to interview the interesting people and show new products you might want to hear about and look at. Nevertheless we hope to see more of you in person at VMworld 2011, wherever it may be. Wouldn’t it be great if VMworld Europe got bigger than the US version? :P

On a personal note ….


VMworld 2010 Scense product demo

At VMworld we had a demo of the products of Scense. They are in the user workspace management. The demo focusses on the problem of one installation corrupting another.

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
Images and photos on our gallery

The Diary of a VMworld 2010 Blogger – Thursday

During VMworld Europe 2010 in Copenhagen I will be keeping a diary to show what a blogger’s life is all about.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Alex working very early


Time to get up my phone is blinking with a reminder for the Zimbra breakfast meeting in the Scandic Hotel. The ritual stuff to be dealt with, washing, shaving and getting dressed. Damn it is early but everything for a good cause.


Alex and I leave the hotel to the metro station through a light moist dark morning. A lot of activity along the line. Erik and Anne Jan still firm a sleep. We arrive at the metro station in about 15 minutes. Just missed the one on the platform so just will have to wait for the next one in 6 minutes. I must say transportation is very good in Copenhagen. Yes the metro arrived and we get in along the line more and more folks from Denmark join in and get ready for work.


VMworld 2010 AppSense demo

Virtuazing desktops have their own challenges. Profile management is a hot item for VDI. AppSense is one of the products for profile management. AppSense gives you ‘roaming’ profiles between Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 2008 for example. I shot a video during a product demo at the Solutions Exchange. See the video to learn what AppSense can do for your VDI environment.

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
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Impressions of VMworld 2010 – Day Four




[slideshow id=31]

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
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VMworld 2010 VMware Labs

Now that VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen has come to an end the guys at the VMware Labs are taking the lab environment down. In the end VMworld attendees completed 5.942 labs and during the labs 56.368 virtual machines were deployed and destroyed.

I had a short interview with Ford Donald, one of the members of the Lab Core team. Check it out.

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
Images and photos on our gallery

VMworld 2010 party at the Forum

For those who never visited VMworld, after two long days with all kinds of sessions, labs and Solutions Exchange booths VMware organizes a party. These parties are always very big. Imagine from the 6000 visitors a lot of them visit the party. There’s a lot of food, drinks, music, games and other things to keep you busy till deep in the night.

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
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VMworld 2010 Liquidware Labs: Stratusphere Fit Demo

Yesterday we visited the Liquidware Booth. Liquidware is an innovative company with some unique tools that will help you plan, deploy and maintain a user desktop environment. In this video, Thomas of Liquidware demoes the Stratusphere Fit application.

With this tool you can scan your current end user environment, take a close look at desktop and application usage and build an extensive report from this information. With that report in hand, you could go ahead and plan and size your brand new VDI environment without the fear of having missed an application or user.

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.

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VMworld 2010 VMware vExpert panel

Yesterday I was blogging at the Bloggers Lounge at VMworld 2010 when John Troyer came in searching for attendees for his next VMworld TV item, the VMware vExperts panel. John asked me, Alex Mittell ( and Maish Saidel-Keesing ( to join him live on VMworld TV. So it was time for my big debut on VMworld TV.

It was a great session about the VMworld event so far. Watch my 15 minutes of fame below. (Scroll to 3 min to start).

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.

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VMworld 2010 IBM product demo

Today we visited the IBM booth at the VMworld 2010 Solution Exchange and they showed some great new technology. With the new IBM rack server- and blade server series it’s possible to stack the server or blade with a memory tray or stack two servers together. This way you can add huge amounts of memory or even extend the total number of sockets from two to four. Besides that IBM has a storage module which houses eight SSDs with 1.6 TB and 240.000 IOPS. One server can house two of these modules bringing the total amount of storage to 3.2 TB. Watch the complete product demo below.

Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
Images and photos on our gallery

The Diary of a VMworld 2010 Blogger – Wednesday

During VMworld Europe 2010 in Copenhagen I will be keeping a diary to show what a blogger’s life is all about.

Wednesday 13 October 2010


Alarm clock is buzzing far far away….


A loud bang on the door, Alex moving towards the door so I can turn over again and fall a sleep…


ohh crap overslept probably the age ;-) as some friend and guest blogger Sander pointed out nicely :D


Time for a shower pulling the shower curtain around me now to find that water lever again, still not away while the water is plunging on top of my head. Feels good!


Breakfast time, I see a lot of sleepy heads of people moving through each other in complete chaos around the food and beverage tables. Gets easier and easier to move swiftly through the mass to my goal.


VMworld 2010 – The New Zimbra

I’ve written about Zimbra before. Actually, we here at use Zimbra for all our email and collaboration. So, today we were invited to join the Zimbra Breakfast Meeting at the Scandic Hotel in Copenhagen.

Zimbra, for the ones who don’t know what it does, is a collaboration suite. It’s the open source exchange alternative. Well, it’s getting more than an alternative. It’s getting competitive in a rapid pace. According to Zimbra, it’s the next-generation Exchange.

A quick overview of the Zimbra features: (more…)