The V-team is complete again!

After 5 years at Centric Alex has accepted a new challenge and on May 1st he will be following Edwin, Anne Jan and myself to Imtech ICT.

At Imtech ICT his new job will be Solution Architect.

We are very excited that Alex is coming over to join our team and wish him all the best!

Congratulations Alex !!

Finally, it’s a success!

After a busy and hectic weekend is back online.

During the first two years of Alex provided the hosting services. He was a member of a co-locating club and owned a personal web server with adequate bandwidth. But during the years our demands grew and we got ourselves a new server and Alex and Anne Jan build a SMB infrastructure on ESXi to host our website.

But with the new server our power consumption grew and our demands skyrocketed but the co-locating club had a few limitations. Limited public IP addresses and only Linux operating systems.

So we decided to search for a new hosting service and found VDA Hosting in Amsterdam. A good co-locator with good bandwidth, IP addresses to spare and a good price/performance ratio.


VMsafe API

I sometimes wonder why some things in the industry go so quick, while on the other hand things go so slow. One of the things that goes so slow are the products that make use of the VMsafe API.  Oké last year a couple of security vendors announced their first steps along this road, but only Trend Micro came out with a 1.0 product. Although the VMsafe API framework is there for quite a long time , the industry does not make use of its full functionality.


We’re moving! is going strong! A bit too strong for our current colo. So, we will be moving to a new co-locator this weekend. Moving to a new co-locator also means that we will be moving to new IP addresses. We hope we can make the transition as smooth as possible, but you might experience an outage starting Saturday. This should be limited to Saturday only. If we still can’t be reached beyond that, please notify us via twitter :)

Stay tuned for more news and insights here at!

How to setup the vSphere client for iPad

Earlier today we reported that VMware has released it’s iPad client for vSphere.

But how do you set it up? Below you will find the way how to setup the iPad access to your virtual environment.

It is an easy two step process. First of all you need to download, import and configure the vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA) appliance.


vSphere client for iPad released

A few minutes ago VMware released their long awaited vSphere client for the iPad and it is available at the AppStore for FREE.

VMware’s goal is to provide a tool which can be accessed anywhere to perform essential tasks and view performance metrics in a simplified interface. It is not intended to be the functional equivalent of the Windows vSphere client but it should enable you to perform 80% of the most common Admin tasks.

The functionality for now includes:

  • Search for vSphere hosts and virtual machines;
  • Monitor the performance of vSphere hosts and virtual machines;
  • Manage virtual machines with the ability to start, stop and suspend;
  • View and restore virtual machine snapshots;
  • Reboot vSphere hosts or put them in maintenance mode;
  • Diagnose vSphere hosts and virtual machines using build in ping and trace-route tools.


Cisco UCS competitive update webinar

Cisco has been around for years and years on the networking and security side but since a year or so they are a real upcoming player on the server market. Personally I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Cisco’s Unified Computing Systems first hand and WOW I’m impressed.

On March 23, 2011 (1:00 PM – 2:00 PM GMT) and on March 30, 2011 (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM) Cisco organizes a UCS C-Series – Competitive Update Webinar for you to learn more about the Cisco rack mount server offering.

When you attend this Webinar you will learn about UCS C-Series value proposition and receive an overview and competitive portfolio comparisons. You will also receive guidance on UCS competitive pricing and architectural comparison. Specific areas of focus are management, stateless computing, optimized virtualization, and unified I/O all of which impact TCO.

When you are also interested in Cisco rack mount servers, you can register here.

Should the VDI world watch out for the new VDI solution by Oracle?

Last Friday I attended a VDI presentation from an Oracle (formally Sun) reseller on the brand new Oracle VDI solution. First of all, the audience was very different from the ‘usual virtualization’ crowd. A lot of former Sun enthusiasts, who have a very different view on solutions. This article is from my viewpoint. Not all participants of the meeting might agree with me.

The first statement from the Senior VDI manager: ‘ Oracle VDI is here to stay. It’s being heavily invested in. Larry Ellisson wants to be number 1 in the VDI market. Therefore, VDI has been positioned as a separate global business unit within Oracle.


VMware View client for iPad released

A few minutes ago, VMware released the VMware View client for the iPad.

As of today the VMware View client for the iPad is available from the Apple AppStore for free.

The iPad View client fully supports PCoIP and contains a few unique new gestures. For a decent session using PCoIP you will need a WiFi connection because the bandwidth requirements are similar to those of a common thin- or FAT client.

The iPad View client is compatible with the new iPad 2 but does not support the use of the integrated cameras at the moment.

You can watch a demo of the VMware View client for the iPad below.


VMworld 2011 – Call for papers

If you always wanted to present your solution or case to a larg(er) audience, this is your change. The VMworld Content team just sent this e-mail:

Planning is well underway for VMworld 2011. This year, VMworld takes place in Las Vegas, August 29 – September 1 and in Copenhagen, October 18 – 20. VMworld helps you unlock the full simplicity, agility, flexibility and cost efficiency that virtualization and a cloud computing approach to IT make possible.

Share Your Story
As a VMware customer, we’re looking to you to submit sessions describing your own experiences and best practices with one or more of the following topics:

  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Application Platforms
  • End-User Computing
  • Enterprise Applications


Review: Exchange Server 2010 training by TrainSignal

Trainsignal Exchange 2010 training kitSome time ago.. actually, a long time ago, we here at received a sample of a training DVD from TrainSignal. I promised to write a review on it, but I honestly didn’t come around to it due to all sorts of personal stuff. But the DVD box made it safely through the move from one house to the next. So, today I sat down and opened the DVD box.

So, first of all, it’s definitely a proper training. This isn’t your average ‘we demo, you watch’ kind of training. It’s aimed to let you pass the Exchange 2010 exam, but it does more. This 3 DVD box set covers all topics you  need to understand to successfully implement Exchange 2010 into an organization in 40 lessons. It does not only show you how and where to configure things, but most importantly, it tries to show you why. This is the first time I’ve encountered such an approach in a self-paced training package. It really is pretty extensive.