Human vMotion

This week our fellow blogger, Sander Martijn, felt he had to vMotion  to a new career opportunity. After working for Centric for 8 years, he has accepted a new challenge and signed a  contract at Nspyre in the Netherlands.

Sander, congratulations from the rest of the crew.

Although Sander is going to switch employers, he will continue blogging at


Prepare for VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen

VMware View 5 available NOW

It’s a release party at VMware today. After VMware Workstation 8 and Fusion 4, VMware now released VMware View 5.

VMware View 5 will deliver better PCoIP performance, more supported client devices and integrated persona management.

The biggest differences are the media services, integrated persona management, several PCoIP enhancements and extended client support.

View Media Services for 3D Graphics
This enables basic 3D applications in View desktops without like Aero, Office 2010 or those requiring OpenGL or DirectX without the need for specialized graphics cards or client devices.

View Media Services for Integrated Unified Communications
Which enables and integrated VOIP and View desktop experience for the end-user with an architecture to provide optimized performance for both the desktop and unified communication.


VMware Workstation 8 and VMware Fusion 4 available

For all of you out there who use virtualisation on their Windows and Mac laptops, VMware released their new versions today. Both products, VMware Fusion v4 (actually, v4.01) and VMware Workstation v8 are available for download and purchase starting today

The new versions of course offer a list of new features. Here’s what’s new per release, taken from the release notes:


Why can’t I run your OS on my virtual box, Steve?

Ever since I’ve been working on a Apple Classic II, many many years ago, I was caught by the way of thinking at Cupertino. Design combined with functionality was actually possible! Well, back then we thought it was beautiful, anyway :)

Now, many years have gone by, a lot of people in the world seem to have recently discovered Apple. With the consumerization of the IT business, more and more Macs appear in the landscape. And why not? Sleek design combined with a stable OS where you don’t waste performance and money on staying free from virii and other malware (at least, for now), who doesn’t want that? So, it’s logical that wishes and demands for a virtual server or desktop in the Windows world, also be true for OS X. With vSphere 5, this might be possible!


VMware announces Project AppBlast

This week we already reported on Project Octopus but at the same time VMware announced the the long anticipated web based HTML5 application delivery tool called AppBlast, which will be available soon.

I don’t know where VMware gets it’s project names. With Project Octopus I picture IT meets James Bond and Project AppBlast sounds like IT meets Battlestar Galactica. But again, like Project Otocpus, it’s very cool.

For those that don’t know about AppBlast, it is a web based delivery model for delivering ThinApp applications to any end user device compatible with HTML5 and Java. App Blast integrates with VMware Horizon App Manager and will allow IT organizations to entitle users to access ThinApp applications directly from the web to any device such as Apple’s iPad or Android based devices.