New VMware View clients for iPad and Android released

Today VMware released a new client for the iPad and Android devices. Version 1.2 is optimized for VMware View 5, has support for iOS 5 including AirPlay and contains presentation mode for use with external displays and AirPlay.

VMware View Client for Android makes it easy to access your Windows virtual desktop from your Android with the best possible user experience on the Local Area Network or across a Wide Area Network.

It requires at least VMware View 4.6 and only has PCoIP only connectivity for excellent interactive performance.

The VMware View client for Android can be found on the Android Market.

The VMware View client for the iPad can be found in the iTunes Store.

Impressions of VMworld 2011 – Day Four



VMworld – Day Four – Thursday 20th October

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VMware and Nvidia join forces



One of the announcements I missed at VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen was the announcement of VMware and Nvidia delivering 3D graphics to VMware View. VMware announced that they are in a partnership with NVIDIA to deliver high-end virtual workstations with 3D graphics support in VMware View.

We’ve have the ability to deliver 3D graphics from workstations in the datacenter for years by using physical blade workstations. But now VMware is trying to deliver true 3D performance from the datacenter by using virtual workstation in VMware View by partnering with Nvidia. Nvidia is solving that with the release of their ‘Quadro Virtual Graphics Platform’, something they announced in August 2011.


Impressions of VMworld 2011 – Day Three (Part 2)



VMworld – Day Three – Wednesday 19th October

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One of most inspiring stories @ VMworld 2011



Yesterday was the last day of VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen and I was wandering around at the VMware booth at the Solution Exchange. After a demo of VMware View with Unified Communications, I was introduced to Hanna Phan and according to the VMware employee, Hanna was the most famous person within VMware at the moment. Not Paul Maritz, Steve Herrod or Mauricio Carl but Hanna Phan.

The cool thing is, she only works for VMware for 3 weeks now. So how does someone become so famous, so fast?


Massive fight at VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen.



Yesterday the was some disturbance at VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen. A massive fight broke out between the one-on-one rooms and the lounge area. Research shows that it was a reckoning of the dutch vMafia. Eye witnesses told us that six to eight mobsters beat the crap out of the Monster VM and we’ve managed to get hold of some video footage showing just that.

Bottom line, don’t mess with the dutch vMafia…

Impressions of VMworld 2011 – Day Three (Part 1)



VMworld – Day Three – Wednesday 19th October

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A Solution Exchange and Relaxation Lounge Tour



One of the most visited and interesting parts of VMworld is the Solution Exchange. The Solution Exchange is like a trade fair, but better. All exhibitors have some product enhancing your virtual infrastructure, demo’s are all around and technicians with real info are everywhere. Yesterday I made a quick tour over the solution exchange and made a compilation of it to give you an impression of what it looks like.

And, new this year (or at least new to me) is the large relaxation lounge. Here you can sit back, relax, play a game of air hockey, mini golf or table tennis to get your mind off the constant stream of high quality information for a little while.

Check out the video:

VMware vSphere clustering Q&A (VSP1682)



Today I attended session VSP1682 ‘VMware vSphere clustering Q&A‘ hosted by Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping and Chris Colotti.

After a short introduction the Q&A started and below you will find my top 10 questions.

Q1. Are the old, vSphere 4, constraints in vSphere 5 still current?

Until vSphere 5 the best practice is a maximum of 8 hosts in a cluster, because of linked clones in VMware View and the primary/secondary ESX(i) hosts setup in an HA cluster. In vSphere 5, VMware changed this to a master/slave setup. When the master ESXi host goes offline a new master is elected within 15 sec. So, the cluster boundary limits VMware vSphere had in the past are gone. This is a huge advantage of vSphere 5.0.


Impressions of VMworld 2011 – Day Two



VMworld – Day Two – Tuesday 18th October

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Designing vSphere Platforms for Maximum Performance (BCA2817)



Normally I don’t like to edit and publish full sessions but yesterday I attended a great session regarding ‘Designing vSphere Platforms for Maximum Tier 1 Application Performance‘ (BCA2817).

I know it’s a long video but Mark Achtemichuk, Performance Specialist SE at VMware had some really good tips on how to squeeze the last percents of performance out of your vSphere environment. He addresses all relevant components of both hosts and virtual machines, compute, memory, network and storage, and has some really good tips on all of them. Check out sessions BCA2817.

VMworld 2011 – 26.000+ attendees



This year VMworld has attracted more than 26000 attendees to visit the largest virtualization event in the world. VMworld Las Vegas had 19000+ attendees and VMworld Copenhagen has 7000+ attendees, which is 1000 more attendees than last year. Lets see if the event reaches the 8000 mark next year on VMworld Barcelona 2012. The exact number of attendees for Copenhagen will be released soon by VMware Press and it will be above 7100.







VMware Announces 3 New Management suites



Today during the Keynote with Steve Herrod, VMware announced the release of 3 new management suites:


Impressions of VMworld 2011 – Day One (Partner Day)



VMworld – Day One (Partner Day) – Monday 17th October

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VMworld Europe 2011 – Partner keynote



In the week of VMworld, Monday is traditionally Partner day and Partner day always starts with the Partner keynote.

This years keynote was presented by Andy Hunt, VMware’s VP Channel, Alliances and SMB. 1800 partners registered for VMworld Partner day and tomorrow another 7000 visitors are expected which is 15% more than last year.

After a brief introduction on stage Carl Eschenbach, co-president VMware Customer Operations. Carl thanks all the partners for making VMware successful. Despite hard economic times VMware and Partners showed a strong growth in revenue (37%) and 85% of all revenue is done through partners.

Today VMware will publish the Q3 results after markets close in the US, and it looks to be very promising.

Next topic is the ecosystem for cloud computing. Moving from mainframe, to PC/Client-Server, Web to Cloud. These platonic shifts only happen every 10 to 20 years. The cloud is such a platonic shift and will drastically shift the way we deliver IT services. According to Gartner ‘Virtualization is a modernization catalyst and unlocks cloud computing‘.


New vSphere client for iPad released



Today at VMworld Europe 2011 Partner day, VMware released a new version of their vSphere client for the iPad. Just in time for the real start of VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen.

New in version 1.2 of the vSphere client for the iPad is:

  • vMotion. The feature is available via Host & VM action menus. Virtual machines can also be two-finger flicked/dragged from the Host detail view to enter vMotion mode;
  • Ability to email vMotion validation error details to others;
  • View task progress reporting on VM cards;
  • Ability to refresh vCenter host list;
  • Support for ESX 3.5;
  • Support for VMware vSphere 5.0.

Of course the vSphere client for iPad requires iOS 4.0 and vCMA, also version 1.2 in this case.

VMworld 2011 Partner Day Impressions



For a lot of people VMworld starts tomorrow. For the crew VMworld started today, with Partner Day. Take a look at the following movie for an impression of Partner Day.

Impressions of VMworld 2011 – Day Zero



VMworld – Day Zero – Sunday 16th October

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