Save the date: VMworld Europe 2012 Barcelona from 9-11 October

VMworld 2012 Europe  from 9 - 11 October The date for VMworld Europe is now final. The 2012 edition will take place from Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 October in Barcelona.

San Francisco August 27-30
Barcelona October 9-11

The event in Copenhagen last year was a great success. There were more than 200 breakout sessions, over 20 hands-on labs and more than 7,200 visitors. VMworld Europe this year is expected to be larger than the previous edition with the latest in IT innovation.

The crew hopes to see you there !!!

Time to vote again, Top VMware and virtualization blogs 2012

It is that time of the year again, the last voting was over a year ago where we made it, thanks to you!, to the 13th place. Voting is now open again for the top VMware & virtualization blogs.  It would be nice and a great honor to get us in the Top 10 this year. So if you like our blog please vote (Various) using the BIG button on the left.

We all know Eric Siebert from his vLaunchPad were he publishes his VMware Top blogs. Your votes will help determine the new top 50 bloggers on vLaunchpad. Votes are weighted so a #1 vote counts as 10 points, #2 vote counts as 9 points etc down to 1 point for a #10 vote. The total points for each blog will be added up and will determine the top 50 order.

New this year there will be voting in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The categories are independent of the general voting so first pick and rank your top 10 overall favorite blogs and then choose your favorite blog in each category.

New iSCSI software release by Starwind brings all new features

Today we received the press release of the new Starwind iSCSI software with the all new VM Backup technology.

Starwind is an innovative company and one of the first to offer an iSCSI initiator on the Microsoft Windows platform without a lot of hassle. Now, this product has come a long way since then and it now is a full blown storage solution, you could call it enterprise grade. The new version incorporates the VM Backup technique

Now, the previous versions already had best VMware support with their own HA technology. This new version also offers this technology for Hyper-V as well. The backup solution performs all operations on host level so no backup agents are needed in virtual machines.


VMware vCloud Director design guidelines

After VMware vSphere and View, VMware vCloud Director is the next big thing to setup and customers start asking for it. But the problem is that the knowledge and available resources are limited. So for real life implementations of vCloud Director we have to rely on VMware employees to show us the ropes.
First of all, what is VMware vCloud Director. In short, VMware vCloud Director gives enterprise organizations the ability to build secure private clouds as a base for a infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution. Coupled with VMware vSphere, vCloud Director delivers cloud computing for existing datacenters by pooling virtual infrastructure resources and delivering them to users as catalog-based services.

The vCloud Director architecture is shown below.


Review QNAP TS-459Pro II

Recently QNAP gave us the opportunity to review their QNAP TS-459Pro II NAS solution. We gladly accepted this opportunity and we got the NAS shipped to us a few weeks ago.

The TS-459Pro II is a NAS device that is aiming at the SMB market. QNAP also has bigger versions in the TS line that could be used in larger organizations. The TS-459Pro II is certified as VMware and Citrix Ready and is compatible with Windows 2008 Hyper-V and fail-over clustering.


VKernel vOps 4.5

On December 19th VKernel released version 4.5 of its vOps management software.

vOps 4.5 addresses the increasing volume of routine virtual machine management tasks in virtualized environments. This increase is caused by the enormous growth in the number of virtual machines. Nowadays we provision many more virtual servers than we ever had physical ones because they are easier and cheaper to deploy. All of these virtual machines require management tasks for maintenance.

The next step in virtualization is automation and vOPS 4.5 also cover this with the introduction of some new capabilities, like:

  • New Automation Features
    vOPS’ virtual machine management automation capabilities are enhanced with auto-deletion of abandoned virtual machine images, auto-merging of unused snapshots, an additional automated remediation for performance issues and auto-calculation of future resource requirements;
  • Automation Controls
    vOPS 4.5 also adds the ability to more finely control some automation processes. For example, virtual machines can be grouped, and then these groups set with minimum and maximum resource amounts that automated right-sizing will respect.

Additionally, vOps 4.5 introduces:


Top 5 – Best articles/videos

The past year has been great. The posted 105 articles and 7 videos which have and been read by many visitors. This all resulted in 1.3M webpages served,  400.000 visits, 240.000 unique visitors and 556GB of traffic.

Great numbers and steady growth over the whole year.

Here’s a list of the 5 best read article and the 3 best viewed videos of 2011.


  1. How to: Upgrade to vSphere 5 (27.166);
  2. How to license Microsoft Windows 7 for VMware View deployments (13.215);
  3. Rumors on vSphere 5 (8.412);
  4. Waiting is over – download vSphere5 now! (7.792);
  5. How to setup the vSphere client for the iPad (6.353).


  1. VMworld Europe 2011 trailer;
  2. vRoadtrip v2;
  3. Designing vSphere Platforms for maximum tier 1 application performance.