VMguru.nl VMworld US & Europe 2012 – Trailer

See you in Frisco or Barca :)

VMware Believe! Dream. Invent. Revolutionize.

It looks like VMware is preparing a major launch in the next coming days/weeks? Start Believing it yet?

If we look down the path and see what vision VMware spread from the early years this century (2002/2003) up to the point we are today they were spot on.

Looking at the new phrase Believe, Dream Invent, Revolutionize I get warm inside because it gets real close to how the VMGuru crew lives and does their day to day job.

It is reflected in our slogan also, Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun, next to the VMGuru logo .

I hope to see what is behind the slogan on VMworld US in San Francisco or maybe we have to wait till the other members of VMGuru.nl go to VMworld Europe in Barcelona.


VMware View will support Microsoft Lync 2013

When deploying a VDI solution it is important to deliver PC like experience. Another requirement is delivering PC-grade applications on the VDI desktop. This is possible for the majority of office applications but applications that require (near) real-time two way audio and/or video, like Unified Communication solutions, remain a challenge.

The cause of this is the need to encode and decode voice and video. It isn’t feasible at scale to carry raw voice/video data from the endpoint to the datacenter to be encoded, or to decode it all there and send the video/audio data to the endpoint.

That is why development of Unified Communication solutions like Microsoft Lync are important to VDI vendors who need to continually reassure IT and end-users that the user experience will be the same as if they were working in a traditional personal computer.

Today, VMware announced that VMware is working with Microsoft to bring support for Microsoft Lync to VMware View desktops. The combination of VDI with Unified Communications leads to increased productivity, mobility and flexibility for employees, customers and partners alike. Soon, VMware View users will be able to communicate and collaborate with the Lync 2013 client, using rich voice and video features, all from within the VMware View desktop.


VMware acquires Nicira, the next step in cloud solutions.

Yesterday VMware announced their acquisition of Nicira, a 5 year-old company that has pioneered software-defined networking (SDN).

VMware will pay $1.26B to buy Nicira, a company that has built software that has done for networking what VMware has done to virtualize computing. Nicira was created five years ago and has raised $50 million from investors that included Diane Greene, one of the original founders of VMware.

It makes controller software that helps free the act of moving data and packets around a network from the constraints of networking hardware  – an increasingly tough problem inside highly virtualized and webscale data centers.

Nicira is a leader in networking virtualization for heterogeneous infrastructure environments and clouds. When combined with VMware’s networking team and technologies, this will mean the next step in creating cloud based solutions.

This acquisition expands VMware’s networking portfolio to provide a full suite of SDN capabilities and a comprehensive solution lineup for virtualizing the network, from virtual switching to virtualized layer 3-7 services. By buying Nicira, VMware has chosen a software-defined networking vendor that plays with open protocols such as Open Flow, but is still focused on keeping a proprietary edge to its business. That’s a similar strategy that VMware seems to be pursuing as well.


StarWind and Windows Server 2012 Scale-Out Servers

StarwindThursday 12th there was a press release by StarWind stating “StarWind completely eliminates the need for shared storage when implementing Windows Server 2012 Scale-out file servers”. At first, while reading the title, I was a bit confused. Starwind itself offers shared storage solutions with it’s software. But after reading the article, it´s clear that the intention is to eliminate the implementation of hardware-based storage solutions.


Paul Maritz to leave VMware

There have been rumors for a few days but now it’s final, Paul Maritz is out as the CEO of VMware.

Former Microsoft man Paul Maritz spent the last four years at VMware and and will be replaced by EMC COO Pat Gelsinger.

It not clear if Paul Maritz’s departure is volutary and it’s also uncertain what he’s going to do next.

According to CRN, Gelsinger and Maritz swap companies, putting Gelsinger in charge of VMware and Maritz taking the top spot at EMC. Another source says that Maritz is mentioned as a candidate to lead Cloud Foundry, the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) started at VMware.

Both scenarios seem plausible. At EMC CEO Joe Tucci is planning to retire. A successor has not been named but Gelsinger is not considered to be a replacement which opens the question about Maritz. Will he be named CEO of EMC? Paul Maritz has roots in the open-source movement and he is a technologist who would like the challenge of developing Cloud Foundry as its own business. His talent as a technologist led him to Intel where he developed tools for developers to build on the then new x86 platform.

Which scenario it will be? Time will tell.

Personally I regret Paul leaving VMware so soon after taking over from VMware founders Diane Green and Mendel Rosenblum. I think he did a good job representing a company like VMware which he had to lead after the initial founders. In my opinion, Paul has the same enthusiasm and drive as they did.

Review: QNAP TS-869-Pro with VMware

A couple of weeks ago we unboxed the QNAP TS-869-Pro to test-drive in our test lab. As we concluded in this article, we quite liked the appliance. It has a solid build quality, the management software is really easy to use and with a bit of knowledge and all the right tools present, you’re up and running in about an hour. Now, that is only half the story, as you also want to know how it performs when you finally connected the appliance to your virtual environment.