VMworld 2014 – Save The Date!

The VMware Partner Exchange is due in one week, but we are already looking forward towards VMworld 2014! This year the conference will also be held in San Francisco in August and six week later the Europe edition in Barcelona.

  • Aug. 24-28 VMworld 2014 U.S. San Francisco Moscone Center
  • Oct. 13 VMworld 2014 Europe Barcelona Fira Barcelona Gran Via – Partner day
  • Oct. 14-16 VMworld 2014 Europe Barcelona Fira Barcelona Gran Via

With a lot of new and exciting news around Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) combined with NSX, the Hybrid Cloud with vCAC 6.x and the Workforce Mobility expansion through the newly added and bought Airwatch will make lots of wrinkles on the IT water for the upcoming years. Workforce Effectiveness combined with the User Experience (USX) will go beyond the frontiers, so do not miss it and come join the fun!

VMGuru at Geek Whisperers

Way back in time, when we started VMGuru, we actually had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Full of ideas and energy we went to all the events (VMworld Cannes, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dutch VMUG, Belgian VMUG, etcetera), packed with laptops, photo- and videocameras and went to work like a bunch of crazy nerds. Most of you who have seen us, know the picture. Four guys, packed with gear, typing like mad in the community lounge, asking questions in sessions, attending demo’s at the Solutions Exchange. Since then we’ve learned a lot along the way. We dropped video from the program (it took too much time to process and edit versus the views it got), we tuned our website, we have a lot more eye for social media, like our recently opened Facebook page.

Last VMworld in Barcelona, the boys got together with on invitation of John Troyer(@jtroyer), our trusted VMware community dad, for a podcast with him, Amy Lewis (better known by us as @Commsninja) and Matthew Brender (@mjbrender), for Geek Whisperers. Of course, we were flattered to be invited. The result is about 45 minutes of fun, interview and info on how we got our blog together the way we did. Check Erik, AJ and Edwin out on this entertaining interview at Geek-whisperers.com.

New fling AND a pass for VMworld 2014?

Perhaps you are already using a fling from VMware, for example the View pool manager or the Autodeploy GUI. But it isn’t enough. You want more. You have the need to automate some manual task and there just isn’t a tool for it right now.

Well, here’s your chance. VMware invites you to share ideas for new VMware Flings from August 26 to November 15, 2013. The submitter of the winning Fling idea, as chosen by the VMware judging panel, will be awarded a Free Pass to VMworld 2014. Even more exciting is that VMware will build and release a new Fling based on the winning idea.

For example: You have a VMware Horizon View setup with multiple vCenter Servers and equal Update Managers. You now have to manage multiple Update Managers servers and multiple dashboards to check for the compliancy of your environment. But there is nothing different between the Update Manager servers, except that they are configured for a different vCenter server.

If only there was a tool that could manage multiple Update Manager servers and pull the compliancy information into a single dashboard.

Well, that is just the thing that you would enter at the fling contest.

For this specific example I already entered a suggestion at https://flingcontest.vmware.com/ideas/vmware-update-manager-manager, but perhaps you need another tool.

Just go ahead and enter it at https://flingcontest.vmware.com and perhaps we will see you at VMworld 2014.

All good things come to an end …

VMworld 2013.png

It is done! VMworld 2013 in Barcelona is over and today I will fly back home. It was a great VMworld with a lot of announcement, releases and a lot of networking. For me it was a great educational experience and one of the few opportunities to meet up with the community friends I normally only chat or e-mail with.

The things that really stood out for me and I can use in my daily work directly or start testing were:

If you want to check all VMworld announcements, check out this article.

Last year I’ve vented some issues with the event being held in Barcelona because I went home with mixed feelings. But the setup this year was much more compact.

I will go home with lots of new knowledge, ideas and contacts. Enough to make good use of in the coming year, so in that sense it was certainly successful. Thanks again for VMware for another VMworld and until next year.

VMWorld TV: Wrap up VMworld Europe 2013 day 3

VMworld 2013.png

VMworld TV gives you a wrap up of all of VMworld Europe 2013 in Barcelona. If you want to know what happened in Barcelona check out the video below.

VMworld TV: Frank Denneman about Pernix Data

VMworld 2013.png

Many may know Frank Denneman from VMware and his HA?DRS-book he wrote with Duncan Epping. Frank now works for Pernix Data and talks to VMworld TV to explain and demo the Pernix Data solution.

VMworld TV presents: SLOOFISMS

VMworld 2013.png

Explore the unique world of superstar blogger Eric Sloof with this compilation of his one-of-a-kind vocabulary, known as ‘Sloofisms’.

VMworld TV: Wrap up VMworld Europe 2013 day 2

VMworld 2013.png

VMworld TV gives you a wrap up of all of VMworld Europe 2013 in Barcelona.
If you want to know what happened in Barcelona check out the video below.

VMworld 2013 Europe – Party Impressions

Last night was the VMworld 2013 Europe Party in the Fira Hall 6. In the slideshow below you will see an impression of last night. We had several good performances on stage, including Taio Cruz!

VMworld: Innovation at the Solutions Exchange

VMworld 2013.png

If you wandered through the halls of the congress complex you’ve probably also seen the Solutions Exchange.

At the Solutions Exchange more than 125 exhibitors are showing their products or vision for the future. Some of these exhibitors are the ones you probably already know, like VMware, EMC, Cisco, Dell. HP. These exhibitors have a lot to show you. There is a lot of innovation going on right now.

There are however exhibitors that aren’t that well-known. Most of their booths are smaller and are place at the far edge of the Solutions Exchange. They too have a lot of innovation going on, but it is easy to miss.

When you visited the Solutions Exchange already and didn’t visit these exhibitors, I think it would be a good idea to make second trip to the Solutions Exchange, but this time visit these smaller booths. Talk to the people and get a demo of their products, but a lot of ideas and innovation has come (and will come I think) from these people.

If you didn’t visit the Solutions Exchange yet, I strongly advice you to go and meet the vendors behind the products you might be using already and start your visit with the booths at the far end of the hall.

The Solutions Exchange is open from 10.30 till 16.00.

VMworld Europe 2013 – Technical Keynote

Today’s General Session is all about the technology behind the solutions provided by VMware and the partner eco system. Featuring Carl Eschenbach, VMware’s President and COO, along with VMware’s engineering leaders they are showcasing state-of-the-art technology that is transforming IT by virtualizing and automating compute, storage, networking and security across private and hybrid clouds.

It may be or is the largest IT event in Europe for a few years now. From 1.400  to 8.500+ now. Lets summarise yesterdays announcements and releases.

VMware has the mission to virtualise the whole x86 datacenter. Carl says: “We are not there yet, but we are on the road towards it.”

Software will reduce the friction between business and IT enabling increased business value.  Increase velocity. Use more budget on innovation, less on maintenance. This requires an agile datacenter. Automate IT for IT. The world will be a Hybrid cloud in the near future. How? Through the Software-Defined Data Center. Where all infrastructure is virtualised and delivered as a service.

How? by 3 imperatives.

1. Virtualize all of IT

2. IT management gives way to automation

3. Use a compatible hybrid cloud

Carl introduces Kit Colbert – Principal Engineer on stage. Kit is showing us several new or improved products to help to achieve the 3 imperatives. And to speed up the delivery of services to the business. IT requirements are complex and besides that we need to keep the lights on so there is a lot of pressure on the IT guys.

Kit shows VMware vCloud Automation Center deployment of a project (Vulcan) through a Service Catalog on a private cloud infrastructure. After deploying the project in the private cloud he also shows us how to use the hybrid cloud option to deploy it the same way in the Hybrid Cloud. By taking all the guess work out. Where you must understand that running it in a public cloud isn’t always cheaper! While deploying it in the private cloud or the hybrid cloud, you can now use Auto-scaling options. By enabling the Enable Auto Scale feature you can choose that amount of maximum nodes. Control IT through policy to keep it simple for the business.

Governance equals control. Automation brings Self-service and governance together.

Kit shows us IT Service in action: – Self service – Transparent pricing – Governance – Automation, where we get a great cost overview in vCAC – total cloud cost – operational analysis (price per VM) – demand analysis. Even a breakdown in detail of cost by department and underlying projects.

How much does a vm cost over time. Now we can answer and give the business a lot of detail. Or even a live dashboard. Showing transparency in pricing, not only for private clouds but even for public connected. Showing demand analysis. Kit is demoing the IT Business Management Suite (ITBM) product integrated in vCAC. We see lots of products nicely integrated and working together!

Next up is the vCloud Application Director for application provisioning showing us the VMware vCloud Application Director v6.0-Beta. Showing us a detailed visual overview of the multi-tier application blueprint. Application provisioning delivers: -Streamlined app provisioning -Decoupling app &infra -Automation reduces steps, risk & faults.

Conventional networking is a barrier to quick app delivery. Kit explains networking with NSX, decoupling the logical network from the underlying hardware, giving lots more agility. With the demo, Kit shows us all networking actions in previous vCAC demo were automatically executed by NSX. Traditional network routing between VMs on the same host introduces hair pinning of network traffic NSX routes on vSphere hosts. Applications can perform faster because hair pinning is eliminated by NSX on local host.

How does NSX handle security? It also handles it at the local host level to prevent unnecessary network traffic. Also load balancing is handled the same way as routing and security. This results in faster networking & better performance & happy users. NSX can be easily implemented in existing vSphere infrastructures with traditional vSwitches without downtime!  You have mutliple options to move VMs to a NSX network layer. You can turn them off and bring them up again, but that is with downtime. But you can also use vMotion to move them through the NSX bridge to move them to the new NSX based network!! For physical servers you can also connect them through a physical NSX bridge.

Making Storage Dynamic

With just a few clicks you can create a vSAN. Making it super simple to use. In combination with NSX there will be a very fast network combining all local storage like SSD and Flash for the virtual environment, based on a Highly Resilient Architecture. Kit shows us a demo how to make storage dynamic with Software-Defined-Storage (VMware vSAN). vSAN clusters use local storage to create storage pools using SSDs & disks preserving vSphere advanced features. Adding a host in a vSAN cluster gives more compute, networking and storage capacity. Building blocks now contain storage! vSAN is highly resilient by writing multiple copies.

vSAN delivers: -storage policy set at time of provisioning -storage that scales -leverage existing DAS storage

It is time for End User Computing. End user freedom with IT control where VDI now goes mainstream! No reason NOT to virtualize desktops. Every application even high graphics workloads can be on the platform. Horizon Workspace gives users SSO to all applications and even application execution of non supported OS, like One Note or Visio on a Mac. Provisioning a virtual desktop through vCAC is now possible and even to the cloud through Desktone, which VMware acquired earlier.

Horizon Suite delivers: -Self serv to apps & data o any device -Policy, automation, security & compliance -Enhanced productivity for users & IT

These were great demos Kit thanks for showing us all the possibilities.

Carl introduces Joe Baguley (VMware CTO EMEA) on stage next.

Conventional Approach to Management is Rigid. Complex and Fragile. It is the reality because the problem lays in the system of silos for networking, storage, compute. We have to start accelerating, by starting to do it through a policy based approach. This is the VMware Approach to Management.

New approach needs policy based automation to deliver agile, scalable and simple IT infrastructures.

There are a couple of challenges by given by Carl to Joe before he can start the demo. Carl says: “Seemlesly extend to the public cloud. Workloads back into the private cloud. No change to IT policies or whatsoever.”

Joe shows us a vCAC demo but also adding to Carl not to pickup the phone yet because the Vulcan project is Red at the moment but to read the words below the pretty picture ;-) It says: Automated remediation action. System gonna fix itself.

Integration of Operations Manager and vCloud Automation Center creates a self-healing infrastructure.

Automated Operations delivers -policy driven, automated, proactive resp -Intelligent analytics -creating visibility into application health.

vCOPS has connectors for other components in infrastructure for full overview from a single pane of glass. Log Insight intelligently filters and categorises large quantities of log data. Reducing 65M events to 15 events.

The same templates used for managing VMs on premise are synchronized and available in vCloud Hybrid Service and vice versa.

It is a fundamentally different way than in the past. IT is changing welcome to the next era!

VMware commitment is…

  1. no rip and replace in the datacenter
  2. get more out of the data center.
  3. Build on existing skills.

So lets tear down the world of silo-ed IT and create an One IT team!!

This ends the keynote. Thanks all and have a great VMworld.


VMworld TV: Exclusive interview with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMworld 2013.png

VMworld TV did a great interview with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. Do you want to know about VMware’s vision and the vacancy for VMware CTO? Check out the video below.

VMworld TV: Wrap up VMworld Europe 2013 day 1

VMworld 2013.png

VMworld TV gives you a wrap up of all of VMworld Europe 2013 in Barcelona.
If you want to know what happened in Barcelona check out the video below.


VMworld Europe 2013 – Impressions of day 1

VMworld 2013.png

Today the show really kicked off! A lot of sessions, with lot of announcements. Like Erik mentioned in the VMworld 2013 announcement post. The day started of with a General Session followed by break out sessions and the opening of the Solutions Exchange.

What’s new in VMware Horizon View 5.3

VMworld 2013.png

VMware just announced VMware Horizon View 5.3 and it includes a significant number of new or improved features.

So what’s new in VMware Horizon View 5.3.

  • vSAN for VMware Horizon View
    As of version 5.3 VMware includes vSAN for Horizon View desktops in the Horizon Suite. vSAN reduces storage cost for VDI deployments by using inexpensive server disks for shared storage. It also can improve performance because vSAN uses SSD caching for read and write  and provides intelligent data placement within a vSphere cluster. vSAN is a scale-out converged platform and a hybrid storage solution combining SSD and traditional disks. Because it fully integrates with the vSphere kernel it has very low latency.
    Because VSAN is in beta release, this feature is being released as a Tech Preview, which means that it is available for you to try, but it is not recommended for production use and no technical support is provided.
  • Direct Pass-through Graphics
    Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration (vDGA) is a graphics acceleration capability that is offered by VMware with NVIDIA GPUs and this is now supported by Horizon View 5.3. This enables customers to deliver high-end 3D-grade graphics for use cases where a discrete GPU is needed.
    vDGA graphics adapters can be installed in the underlying vSphere host and are then assigned to virtual desktops. Assigning a discrete NVIDIA GPU to the virtual Machine dedicates the entire GPU to that desktop and includes support for CUDA and OpenGL.
    Here at VMworld in Barcelona there’s a booth showing this setup and running CAD, gaming and other demanding graphics workloads. If you’re in Barcelona you should check it out (behind the Community Lounge in hall 7.0). We will try and do an article on this setup later.
  • Windows 8.1 Support
    My experience with Windows 8.1 is not that positive but VMware already included full support in Horizon View 5.3. This comes aligned with the Windows 8.1 client support in vSphere 5.5. Important: Local Mode and View Persona Management features are not supported with Windows 8.1 desktops yet.
  • Multi Media Redirection (MMR) for H264 encoded media files to Windows 7 clients
    VMware added support for multimedia redirection of H264 encoded Windows Media files to Windows 7 client end-points. H.264/MPEG-4 is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high-definition video. When using this Windows 7 endpoints will receive the original compressed multimedia stream from the server and decode it locally for display. This can decrease bandwidth usage since the data over the wire will be compressed video instead of a uncompressed screen information and it also decreases used server resources, because the server no longer use server CPU resources decoding the video content.
  • HTML5 access improvements
    With Horizon View 5.2 it was possible to use a VDI desktop without installing client software by using delivered through HTML5 capable web-browsers. With Horizon View 5.3 VMware has further improved this feature so users can now enjoy sound, clipboard access and a improved graphics performance.
  • Real-time audio-video (webcam/audio redirection) for Linux clients
    With Horizon View 5.3 VMware introduces real-time audio and video support for Linux clients (support for Windows client was already in 5.2). Real-time audio and video does not forward audio and webcam devices using USB. Instead the devices are controlled by the local client, and audio- and video-streams are transferred from the local devices and encoded, delivered back to the guest virtual machine, and decoded.
    Audio delivery is performed from the standard View agent audio-out functionality, which provides better audio quality than with USB redirection.
  • iOS 7 look & feel for iPhone/iPad client
    The iOS client now matches the look and feel of iOS 7, released at the beginning of October.
  • USB 3.0 port support
    Horizon View 5.3 offers USB port redirection support for USB 3.0 client ports.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 VM based desktops
    Strange but true, Windows Server 2008 R2 is now supported as desktop operating system. Why? Well Microsoft does not offer SPLA licensing for Windows desktop operating systems to allow service providers to create Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings using VMware Horizon View.
    Microsoft does offer SPLA licensing for Windows Server 2008, so this allows service providers to be fully compatible with the Microsoft licensing terms.
    Important to know is that some features are currently not supported with Windows Server 2008 R2, check the release notes.
  • Support for VMware Horizon Mirage
    This is the first step in creating a single desktop image delivery system. Administrators can now utilize VMware Horizon Mirage 4.3 to manage Horizon View virtual desktops. Mirage keeps a centralized and de-duplicated copy of virtual desktops, including user’s applications and data, and is able to re-instantiate them should you have a host or site failure. Mirage can also distribute individual and departmental application layers. With Horizon Mirage IT is effectively able to eliminate the need for complex namespace or application virtualization solutions.
  • VCAI production ready
    View Composer Array Integration is now a fully supported feature. VCAI allows administrators to take advantage of native storage snapshot features. VCAI integrate with NAS storage partner’s native cloning capabilities using vSphere vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI). VCAI speeds up provisioning of virtual desktops while offloads CPU consumption and network bandwidth.
  • Linked-Clone Desktop Pool Storage Overcommit enhancements
    The linked-clone desktop pool storage overcommit feature includes a new storage overcommit level called Unbounded. When selected, View Manager does not limit the number of linked-clone desktops that it creates based on the physical capacity of the datastore.
    Important: note that the unbound policy should only be selected if you are certain that the datastore in use has enough storage capacity to accommodate future growth.
  • Supportability improvements for View Persona Management
    With Horizon View 5.3 View Persona Management feature includes several supportability improvements, including additional log messages, profile size and file and folder count tracking, and a new group policy setting called Add the Administrators group to redirected folders. View Manager uses the file and folder counts to suggest folders for folder redirection.
  • Oracle database support
    In addition to the supported databases listed in the installation documentation, VMware Horizon View 5.3 supports Oracle databases.


VMworld Europe 2013 announcements

VMworld 2013.png

We just finished the keynote session and the news is overwhelming. VMware has announced a ton of new products, features and a company acquisition. The following announcements where made:

End User Computing

  • VMware View 5.3 and Horizon Mirage 4.3 were announced.
  • VMware Horizon Suite 5.3 will include vSAN and vCOPS for VMware Horizon View.
  • VMware acquired Desktone to enable multi-tenancy, selfservice, grid based desktop as a service.


  • VMware announced vCloud Automation Center 6.0 (vCAC) which now includes vCloud Application Director and will support VMware NSX, vCloud Hybrid Service and OpenStack-based cloud environments.
  • vCenter Operations Manager Suite 5.8 was announced which offers enhanced performance analytics for business-critical applications like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server. It will also provide support for applications running on Microsoft Hyper-V and Amazon Web Services.
  • vCenter Log Insight 1.5 which includes enhanced integration with VMware vCops.
  • VMware Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions will include integrations between vCloud Hybrid Service and hybrid cloud management solutions. VMware will release a new vSphere Web Client plug-in that will allow administrators to directly manage vCloud Hybrid Service using a web browser and the vSphere web client.
  • vCloud Hybrid Service is now fully compatible and certified with vCloud Automation Center 5.2 and 6.0.


  • vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.5 for back-up & recovery integration with VMware vSphere. It will include new capabilities including network-efficient backup, data replication, a new Microsoft SharePoint agent, and automatic back-up verification.
  • VMware recently acquired Virsto. Virsto write cache is available now.

VMware vSAN & vCOPS included in Horizon Suite

VMworld 2013.png

Today at VMworld Europe 2013 VMware announced that VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) and VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View will be included in the Horizon Suite.

VMware Virtual SAN for Horizon View beta will deliver significantly lower CAPEX and TCO for VDI environments. The bundling of VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View in Horizon Suite, available at no additional cost, offers advanced VDI performance and operations management for large-scale virtual desktop production monitoring, advanced problem warning, faster time to resolution and complete infrastructure coverage.

This is a great step forward and the next step in combining VMware’s server- and desktop virtualization techniques. Important to mention is that vSAN is still beta.

VMworld Europe 2013 – keynote speech

This post is a recollection of the general session at Tuesday. If you missed the VMworld Europe 2013 general session you can watch it later at VMware Now, http://www.vmware.com/now

Maurizio Carli, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, opened the general session with history about the company and some figures:

More than 8.500 attendees this year at VMworld Europe 2013
2008: first VMworld Europe (Cannes, France)
Maurizio talked about the journey we are in right now.

After Marizion Pat Gelsinger takes the stage:

First we were in the mainframe age, central computing, central processing. After that we were in the client-server era.
Now it is the challenge to liberate resources from the client-server world.

Today a large portion of the total IT budget is spent on ‘keeping the lights on’. Less than 30% is spent on IT innovation
The infrastructure is brittle, management is hard

Luckily amongst VMware customers this percentage is somewhat better: 40% of the IT budget is spent on innovation
The goal is at least 50/50 for IT as a Service. When more money is being spent on innovation business can be more agile and competitive.

There are millions of apps, each with their own, unique, requirements.

Who will lead the mobile-cloud Era? You
A lot of comparisons were made between IT admins and: Gods, ninjas, full fighters, but eventually we see ourselves as champions. We conquer challenges on a daily basis.
And let’s not forget who the people are for we do it all: The end users, IT’s most demanding customers.

Next Sanjay Poonen is invited on stage. Sanjay is the Executive vice president & General Manager End-user Computing at VMware.
Sanjay makes a remark to the ‘cult-like following’ of the people working with VMware products.

The thing we all want is a virtual workspace, any place, any time, any device. The challenge is, as always, the end user freedom vs IT control.

What the enduser wants is:
consistent access
personal vs work data
eventually ‘work and life balanced’

What IT wants is:
fully automated
policy driven
centrally managed

Sanjay makes a short comment about the VMware Horizon View 5.3 announcement.

Breakthrough innovations:
cost reduction
OpEx Predictability

One of the most important quests the coming year is to make the cost of VDI the same or lower than the cost of a laptop.
VMware bought a company Desktone, which delivers a Desktop-as-a-Service platform.
from the press release:
“Desktone is a leader in desktop-as-a-service and has a complete and proven blueprint for enabling service providers to deliver DaaS,” said Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware. “By bringing Desktone’s innovative platform in house, VMware can accelerate the delivery of DaaS through its network of over 11,000 VMware service provider partners while helping to shape and lead the future of the industry.”

Check the press release for more information: http://www.vmware.com/company/news/releases/vmw-euc-daas-10-15-13

VMware focusses on three areas:

  • Software Defined DataCenter
  • end-user computing
  • hybrid cloud

The software defined datacenter is built on four components:

  • compute
  • network
  • storage
  • management

3 imperatives for IT infra:

1: virtualization extends to ALL of IT

2: it management gives way to automation

3 compatible hybrid cloud is ubiquitous

Things to do to virtualize ALL of IT:

  • expand virtual compute to all apps
  • transform storage by aligning it with app demands
  • virtualize the network for speed and efficiency
  • management tools give way to automation
    (Next up: virtualization of networking, transforming the next layer of the datacenter)

The infrastructure is for traditional apps as well as next-gen apps

  • vSphere as computing platform
  • Extending the platform to be programmable + policy based

Next Thierry Breton, Atos, was invited on-stage.

Thierry told about the internal eradication of e-mail and replacing it by social media solutions.
In the end it isn’t about the technology, but about changing companies to invent the future

Pat gave us some extra things about vSphere 5.5

  • expanding virtualing compute to all apps – taking advantage of virtualization
  • mission critical apps -> 2x
  • app-aware high availability
  • big data extensions ‘ physical hadoop no more’

Now Apps (heart) VMware

Clound Foundry:

  • developer agility on reliable infrastruture
  • the leading hybrid PaaS
  • early access program available now
  • GA before end of the week

now even more apps (heart) VMware

Some storage related items:

  • simplified operating model for storage
  • policy driven control plane
  • application-centric data service like de-dupe, snaps, replication , caching, bck-up, encryption
  • virtual dataplane
  • converged infrastructure pool -> announcing vmware virtual san
  • extends the hypervisor to the storage
  • use case, vdi, branch offices

Other announcements:
data protection advanced 5.5, with 1/4 storage space need, restore 6x faster
vSAN GA 1st half 2014 (now in public beta)
virtual volumes (vVol): tech preview, partner demos
vSphere flash read cache, already in vSphere 5.5
Virtsto write cache, data svcs, now available

According to Pat the most important topic for today is to virtualize the network for speed and efficiency.

Pat introduces  Martin Casado – Chief Technology Officer Networking at VMware

The challenges with networking from a virtualization perspective

  • provisioning is slow
  • hardware dependent
  • operationally intensive

The solution: Networking Virtualization
VMware NSX is the networking virtualization platform. It will change the model and flexibility of the networking.

To put it in a nutshell: What VMware ESX is to server virtualization what VMware NSX is to network virtualization. NSX does the same things as ESX, like rapid deployment, snapshotting, etc. without physical space, recabling.

why now? In 2010 the crossover between VM and physical servers happened. More virtual servers were commissioned than physical servers.
Last year the total number of virtual network ports exceeded that of the number of physical ports, so again an important crossover.

A number of large companies are already busy with NSX, like Citi, eBay and GE.

The VMware NSX Platform is GA as we speak.


Some announcements from the automation/management front:

Cloud Automomation: vCloud Automation Center 6.0
Cloud operations: VMware vCenter Operations Management 5.8, vCenter Log Insight 1.5
Cloud business: IT business 8.0 suite, IT business management suite 1.0

three monitoring pillars:

  • storage analytics (out of the box storage analytics from vCenter Operations)
  • log analytics
  • application health monitor

VMware is fully committed to managing heterogeneous environments, from physical workloads, vSphere and cloud providers
IDC named VMware #1 in cloud management

Pat sets the definition from a VMware perspective for the hybrid cloud: seamless extension of your on-premise IT infrastructure
existing & new apps with common management, common networking and common support

After all the announcements Bill Fathers,senior VP & general manager vCloud Hybrid Service, takes the stage.
Bill showed some big customers for the vCloud Hybrid service that can extend your on-premise platform to the cloud when you need it.
One of them was Harley-Davidson Dealer Systems. Because of the vCloud Hybrid Service they shaved of couple of months of their project timeline for implementation of a new web frontend for the dealers.

Bill also gave some Europe specific announcements for the vCloud Hybrid Service, since Europe has specific demands on legal and privacy .

  • First location in Europe -> UK
  • beta program in november in Europe
  • Desktop-as-a-Service beta in november
  • application marketplace now available

Pat ends the general session with:

you are poised to rewire the world…. again