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Vote.pngLast year finished #31 overall and the #4 Independent blog in the top VMware/virtualization blogs 2013. Now, it is time again to vote the top vBlogs for 2014.

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As in last years poll you can vote in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The categories are independent of the general voting so first pick and rank your top 10 overall favorite blogs and then choose your favorite blog in each category (Scripting, Storage, Podcast, Independent). also participates Overall & Independent blogs for 2014!

VMworld 2014 – Save The Date!

The VMware Partner Exchange is due in one week, but we are already looking forward towards VMworld 2014! This year the conference will also be held in San Francisco in August and six week later the Europe edition in Barcelona.

  • Aug. 24-28 VMworld 2014 U.S. San Francisco Moscone Center
  • Oct. 13 VMworld 2014 Europe Barcelona Fira Barcelona Gran Via – Partner day
  • Oct. 14-16 VMworld 2014 Europe Barcelona Fira Barcelona Gran Via

With a lot of new and exciting news around Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) combined with NSX, the Hybrid Cloud with vCAC 6.x and the Workforce Mobility expansion through the newly added and bought Airwatch will make lots of wrinkles on the IT water for the upcoming years. Workforce Effectiveness combined with the User Experience (USX) will go beyond the frontiers, so do not miss it and come join the fun!

Top 10 articles of 2013

Top10.jpgFor VMGuru 2013 was a great year in which we wrote 104 blog posts and introduced our new, more responsive and bandwidth-friendly website-layout.

Due to this served 2.2M pages to 426.338 visitors, using 346,5GB bandwidth last year.

But which are the most popular blog posts from 2013? We created a 2013 Top 10!

  • No 1. – How to improve VMware View video performance.
    In 2013 we did two articles on how to improve video performance with VMware Horizon View. Probably due to the increased use of VDI and VMware Horizon View this is the best read article-series of 2013. Part 1 explains how to influence video performance by manipulating VMware View Group Policy Objects (GPO). In part 2 Edwin added a section to improve Internet Explorer performance in VMware Horizon View environments.

    How to improve VMware View video performance.
    How to improve VMware View video performance – Part 2

  • No 2. – Bye bye Citrix XenServer.
    The second best blog post is one on Citrix XenServer. In October of 2013 when I was updating our Enterprise Hypervisor Comparison, I noticed that Citrix had removed a ton of features in the new Citrix XenServer 6.2. This looked like the end of Citrix XenServer, of course looking at the comments Citrix-enthousiasts don’t agree but check out the list of withdrawn features and do your own math.

    Bye bye Citrix XenServer
  • No 3. – How does VMware vSphere 5.5 compare to the competition?
    With the release of VMware vSphere 5.5 I updated our ever popular Enterprise Hypervisor Comparison to include the new features and enhancements. VMware again raised the bar on enterprise grade hypervisors, but how does it compare to Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer 6.2 or RedHat RHEV 3.2? Check out the blog post from August 2013.

    How does VMware vSphere 5.5 compare to the competition?

  • No 4. – vSphere 5 memory management explained.
    During my everyday work I was amazed how VMware memory management is still a topic which a lot of VMware administrators don’t understand. Administrator of big VMware environments who don’t have a clue what Transparent Page Sharing (TPS), memory compression, host swapping or ballooning is or what it does and when it is used. Also a lot of VMware administrators have trouble explaining the virtual machine memory allocation graphs. So I wrote a blog post in which I explain the different memory management techniques in VMware vSphere 5 which ended up number 4 on the 2013 top 10 list.

    vSphere 5 memory management explained (part 1)
    vSphere 5 memory management explained (part 2).
  • No 5. – How to: Shutdown ESXi host in case of a power failure.
    This number 5 blog post was also inspired by my every day work as a Solution Architect. I got this question from a colleague, “A customer of ours is running a virtual infrastructure based on VMware vSphere using multiple techniques to create a high available environment. Clustering, VMware HA and FT but when the power fails this all doesn’t help. The customer has an UPS in place, just enough to start a standby generator or just wait until the power returns. But what if this takes too long? Can when automatically power down the entire virtual infrastructure?” I know it can be done but it annoyed me that I couldn’t give him a standard working solution so in the evening I started Googling and testing in my lab and wrote this blog post.

    How to: Shutdown ESXi host in case of a power failure.

  • No 6. – Look at the Horizon! VMware’s Horizon Suite is finally here.
    This is a blog post by Alex written at the exact moment VMware released their Horizon Suite. It explains what the Horizon Suite consists of, which version there are, how it all works together and which improvements have been added.

    Look at the Horizon! VMware’s Horizon Suite is finally here.

  • No 7. – HP finally killed the EVA.
    This has proven to be a controversial article as people totally missed the point I was trying to make. So I expected this to be much higher on the 2013 top 10 list. The point I was trying to make was that everyone suspected HP to replace the EVA with 3PAR but nobody within HP ever wanted to confirm that. I was disappointed that HP did not inform its partners by not being open on the EVA/3PAR-replacement. So I celebrated the moment when HP was finally clear on the EOL of the EVA. Besides that I wanted to point out that HP was once a leader in the storage market but due to their drifting storage portfolio, like with the EVA/3PAR, many customers left. They could have profited from their huge install base but they dropped the ball. HP is not the storage solution provider it once was and now they’re also taking a beating a the server market, mainly by Cisco UCS. They still hold a huge market share on the server market but I’m wondering how HP will do business in 5 years time.
    Check out the blog post and comments below.

    HP finally killed the EVA.

  • No 9. – How to license Windows 8 in a VMware Horizon View deployment.Licensing has always been one of Edwin’s specialties. He already wrote several blog posts on licensing Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Windows 7  and with the support for Windows 8 in VMware Horizon View he added a blog post explaining the do’s and don’t s of licensing Windows 8 as a VDI operating system in VMware Horizon View.

    Wondering which version of Windows 8 to use? Get VDA through SA or VDA subscription? How about roaming use rights? Windows 8 downgrade rights? Check out Edwin’s blog post on how to license Windows 8 in a VMware Horizon View environment.

    How to license Windows 8 in a VMware Horizon View deployment.

  • No 10. – What’s new in VMware Horizon View 5.3.
    With the release of VMware Horizon View 5.3 at VMworld Europe 2013 in Barcelona, we were one of the first to present a detailed list of new features and improvements. As VDI seems very popular in 2013, this number 10 on the list does not surprise me. Check out the impressive list of new features and enhancements below.

    What’s new in VMware Horizon View 5.3.

Happy new year!

We finished 2013 on a high with our new website-layout and a increasing number of visitors.

In 2013 we served 2.2M pages to 426.338 visitors, using 346,5GB bandwidth.

In comparison:
in 2012 we served 1.4M pages to 371.669 visitors, using 632.4GB bandwidth.
in 2011 we served 1.3M pages to 391.567 visitors, using 556.3GB bandwidth.

This huge increase is a confirmation for us that we’re on the right path, thank you very much for your support in 2013!

So from all of us at VMGuru,

We wish you a very happy & healthy new year and we hope 2014 brings you all the good things you hope for virtual or non-virtual!

VMGuru at Geek Whisperers

Way back in time, when we started VMGuru, we actually had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Full of ideas and energy we went to all the events (VMworld Cannes, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dutch VMUG, Belgian VMUG, etcetera), packed with laptops, photo- and videocameras and went to work like a bunch of crazy nerds. Most of you who have seen us, know the picture. Four guys, packed with gear, typing like mad in the community lounge, asking questions in sessions, attending demo’s at the Solutions Exchange. Since then we’ve learned a lot along the way. We dropped video from the program (it took too much time to process and edit versus the views it got), we tuned our website, we have a lot more eye for social media, like our recently opened Facebook page.

Last VMworld in Barcelona, the boys got together with on invitation of John Troyer(@jtroyer), our trusted VMware community dad, for a podcast with him, Amy Lewis (better known by us as @Commsninja) and Matthew Brender (@mjbrender), for Geek Whisperers. Of course, we were flattered to be invited. The result is about 45 minutes of fun, interview and info on how we got our blog together the way we did. Check Erik, AJ and Edwin out on this entertaining interview at

Site update – Build numbers

Along with the new look of the website it was also time to update the build number database. In the last few weeks we have been working on updating the database, resulting in a increase with 387 entries making a total of 592 build numbers.

But we didn’t stop there. On popular demand we changed the way the build numbers are presented, since there are devices that don’t support Flash. Therefore we abandoned Flash and created the site with HTML5.

Now that we are using HTML5 every device should be able to read the site and build number database, there is however a downside. Not every browser seems to fully support HTML5 including some of the html tags we are using. This may result in your browser showing the entire database as one big list instead of using bullets that can be extended.

If you are missing a build number or find a technical error on the site then please let us know.


VMworld 2013 San Francisco – Top 10 Breakout Sessions


Top 10 VMworld Sessions

VMworld San Francisco is already behind us and we are preparing for VMworld Barcelona over five weeks. If you are also coming to Barcelona let us know and if we meet say hi. In preparation for which session to follow during VMworld take a look at the The top 10 rated sessions from VMworld San Francisco 2013.

My two favourites are the NSX: Introducing the World to VMware NSX by Milin Desai and Sachin Thakar and The Software-Defined Data Center meets End User Computer by Scott Davis, Frank Nydam and Mike Coleman.

Top 10

VSVC4944 – PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive

BCO5129 – Protection for All – vSphere Replication & SRM Technical Update

STO5715-S – Software-defined Storage – The Next Phase in the Evolution of Enterprise Storage

PHC5605-S – Everything You Want to Know About vCloud Hybrid Service – But Were Afraid to Ask.

NET5847 – NSX: Introducing the World to VMware NSX

VCM7369-S – Uncovering the Hidden Truth in Log Data With vCenter Log Insight

VAPP4679 – Software-Defined Datacenter Design Panel for Monster VM’s: Taking the Technology to the Limits for High Utilisation, High Performance Workloads

EUC7370-S – The Software-Defined Data Center Meets End User Computer

OPT5194 – Moving Enterprise Application Dev/Test to VMware’s Internal Private Cloud- Operations Transformation

SEC5893 – Changing the Economics of Firewall Services in the Software-Defined Center – VMware NSX Distributed Firewall #4 Favorite Independent Blog

Last month we asked to vote for us if you appreciated our blog and apparently a lot of you did.

This year almost 1.300 votes were recorded compared to 1.200 last year, also the total number of blogs on the list increased from 187 to 243 blogs to choose from. There were over 80 new blogs on the ballot and 4 new blogs made it into the top 25. The enormous number of VMware blogs makes it so much tougher to get in the top 25.

So unfortunately we dropped from the 19th to the 31st spot on the list.


Besides that there are tons of bloggers from VMware or VMware/virtualization-related companies which create excellent content, so that a top 25 spot for an independent blogger seems impossible. Luckily Eric created a separate category for that and guess what?

You voted us as 4th Favorite Independant VMware blog! THANK YOU!


As independent bloggers we are very proud and honored that finished #4 in this competitive environment. Thanks to Eric Siebert’s for organizing this yearly blogger contest on 

We appreciate your votes and ongoing support and want to thank all who voted for us!!!

Please vote, #1 VMware/virtualization blog 2013

Last year dropped for the 13th to the 19th spot in the top VMware/virtualization blogs 2012. Now, it is time again to vote the top VMware/virtualization blogs for 2013.

Please help us to reclaim the 13th position or even leap into the top 10!

So if you like our blog please vote #1.

As in last years poll you can vote in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The categories are independent of the general voting so first pick and rank your top 10 overall favorite blogs and then choose your favorite blog in each category. also participates in the Top Independent blog for 2013!

Happy new year!

Last month the VMGuru-crew has been busy to update our infrastructure to improve the reliability and performance.
Yesterday Alex fixed the last issue so you all can enjoy the new, improved, faster and more reliable VMGuru.

This way we’re ready to present you with the more news, tests, how-to’s and the latest in virtualization.

So from all of us at VMGuru, a very happy new year! at new hosting

Last Friday we moved to a new co-locating party. We experienced too much drop out in performance, connectivity or even power in the datacenter of our previous hoster. Therefore we decided to move to a first class hosting party, TransIP.

As far as we can tell, our web server is loading faster all over the world. But as you might imagine, we can’t check that everywhere for real. So let us know how you experience our website’s performance. Has it improved for you? Drop us a tweet via @vmguru_nl!

A VMworld party hangover

VMworld 2012 San Francisco / Barcelona



Wednesday evening is traditionally the evening for the VMworld party. At VMworld we work very hard but we party harder but yesterday it got a bit too wild. This morning I woke up with a large VMGuru-logo-tattoo on my arm ;-)

There’s just no limit to my dedication to I suppose ….










Impressions of VMworld 2012 Europe in Barcelona Day 3

VMworld 2012 San Francisco / Barcelona



[slideshow id=13]

Interview with Mattias Sundling about Dutch vGurus, Future of Cloud and Trends

VMworld 2012 San Francisco / Barcelona



During VMworld I had a nice fast paced interview with Mattias Sundling about why there are so many vGurus in the Netherlands, the future of Clouds, key takeaways from VMworld and IT trends in general.

Great VMUG Belgium event

Last Friday Alex and I were invited to speak at the Belgium VMUG. Erik Schils, the Belgian VMUG leader, had setup a VMUG conference at Cisco in Diegem. After a 3 hour drive to Belgium, the conference turned out to be pretty busy, Erik  managed to get 150 -160 VMware enthusiasts to this meeting.

The event was named: “the Blogger Edition” and there were a lot of interesting sessions from community speakers like:

  • RAID types and  alignment impact on VMware workloads‘ by Eric Zandboer;
  • Designing a cloud infrastructure‘ by Duncan Epping & Lieven D’Hoore;
  • Beer and PowerCLI: you can’t live without them‘ by Luc Dekens;
  • Troubleshooting VDI‘ by Sven Huisman;
  • VMware Health Check‘ by Gabrie van Zanten;
  • Busting a few myths‘ by Eric Sloof;
  • ‘Storage DRS’ by Frank Denneman;
  • Unleash the IAAS Cloud: About VMware vCloud Director and more…‘ by Viktor van den Berg;
  • And of course ‘HyperV v3.0 vs VMware vSphere 5‘ by Alex & myself.

(more…) at VMUG.Be – The Blogger Edition: Register now for FREE access!

The VMUG is a pretty well known club. If you are just a virtualization enthusiast, a VMware fan or one of those nerdy bloggers, you all know the VMUG. Every country has it’s own instance of the VMUG and every now and then there is a gathering with all the nerds, enthusiasts and bloggers to talk nerdy to each other about virtualization for about a day.

Our friend Erik Schils from the VMUG in Belgium is organizing such an event on the first of June 2012. And guess what: it’s totally free! There are still about 30 tickets left, so hurry up! Read on how to get one.

(more…) prolongues the vExpert status in 2012

The word is out!  The judges have decided and we here at are very happy to conclude that Edwin, Erik and myself can call ourselves vExpert 2012 again!

This year, the process was a bit different, as VMware decided that vExperts can be appointed in three new categories:


Time to vote again, Top VMware and virtualization blogs 2012

It is that time of the year again, the last voting was over a year ago where we made it, thanks to you!, to the 13th place. Voting is now open again for the top VMware & virtualization blogs.  It would be nice and a great honor to get us in the Top 10 this year. So if you like our blog please vote (Various) using the BIG button on the left.

We all know Eric Siebert from his vLaunchPad were he publishes his VMware Top blogs. Your votes will help determine the new top 50 bloggers on vLaunchpad. Votes are weighted so a #1 vote counts as 10 points, #2 vote counts as 9 points etc down to 1 point for a #10 vote. The total points for each blog will be added up and will determine the top 50 order.

New this year there will be voting in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The categories are independent of the general voting so first pick and rank your top 10 overall favorite blogs and then choose your favorite blog in each category.