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Last year dropped for the 13th to the 19th spot in the top VMware/virtualization blogs 2012. Now, it is time again to vote the top VMware/virtualization blogs for 2013.

Please help us to reclaim the 13th position or even leap into the top 10!

So if you like our blog please vote #1.

As in last years poll you can vote in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The categories are independent of the general voting so first pick and rank your top 10 overall favorite blogs and then choose your favorite blog in each category. also participates in the Top Independent blog for 2013!

Great VMUG Belgium event

Last Friday Alex and I were invited to speak at the Belgium VMUG. Erik Schils, the Belgian VMUG leader, had setup a VMUG conference at Cisco in Diegem. After a 3 hour drive to Belgium, the conference turned out to be pretty busy, Erik  managed to get 150 -160 VMware enthusiasts to this meeting.

The event was named: “the Blogger Edition” and there were a lot of interesting sessions from community speakers like:

  • RAID types and  alignment impact on VMware workloads‘ by Eric Zandboer;
  • Designing a cloud infrastructure‘ by Duncan Epping & Lieven D’Hoore;
  • Beer and PowerCLI: you can’t live without them‘ by Luc Dekens;
  • Troubleshooting VDI‘ by Sven Huisman;
  • VMware Health Check‘ by Gabrie van Zanten;
  • Busting a few myths‘ by Eric Sloof;
  • ‘Storage DRS’ by Frank Denneman;
  • Unleash the IAAS Cloud: About VMware vCloud Director and more…‘ by Viktor van den Berg;
  • And of course ‘HyperV v3.0 vs VMware vSphere 5‘ by Alex & myself.

(more…) prolongues the vExpert status in 2012

The word is out!  The judges have decided and we here at are very happy to conclude that Edwin, Erik and myself can call ourselves vExpert 2012 again!

This year, the process was a bit different, as VMware decided that vExperts can be appointed in three new categories:


Top Virtualization Blogs 2012 Results are in

Last month we asked to vote for us if you appreciated our blog and apparently a lot of you did.

This year almost 1200 votes were recorded compared to 800 last year, also the total number of blogs on the list increased from 112 to 187 blogs to choose from. This makes it tougher to get in the top 25. As independent bloggers we are very proud and honored that finished 19th in Eric Siebert’s blogger contest on  The past year has been a wild roller coaster ride. We switched jobs, met lots of new interesting and intriguing people, shared and absorbed as much knowledge as we could and had great fun doing it.

We appreciate your votes and ongoing support and want to thank all who voted for us!!!

Select the YouTube video below to watch the Special Edition 25 vChat episode where Eric Siebert, David Davis, Simon Seagrave and Special Guest, John Troyer count down the Top 25 VMware Blogs as voted by you. The fragment where is awarded 19th place is at 9:38.

vChat - Episode 25: Virtualization Blog Awards 2012

Top 5 – Best articles/videos

The past year has been great. The posted 105 articles and 7 videos which have and been read by many visitors. This all resulted in 1.3M webpages served,  400.000 visits, 240.000 unique visitors and 556GB of traffic.

Great numbers and steady growth over the whole year.

Here’s a list of the 5 best read article and the 3 best viewed videos of 2011.


  1. How to: Upgrade to vSphere 5 (27.166);
  2. How to license Microsoft Windows 7 for VMware View deployments (13.215);
  3. Rumors on vSphere 5 (8.412);
  4. Waiting is over – download vSphere5 now! (7.792);
  5. How to setup the vSphere client for the iPad (6.353).


  1. VMworld Europe 2011 trailer;
  2. vRoadtrip v2;
  3. Designing vSphere Platforms for maximum tier 1 application performance.


Finally, it’s a success!

After a busy and hectic weekend is back online.

During the first two years of Alex provided the hosting services. He was a member of a co-locating club and owned a personal web server with adequate bandwidth. But during the years our demands grew and we got ourselves a new server and Alex and Anne Jan build a SMB infrastructure on ESXi to host our website.

But with the new server our power consumption grew and our demands skyrocketed but the co-locating club had a few limitations. Limited public IP addresses and only Linux operating systems.

So we decided to search for a new hosting service and found VDA Hosting in Amsterdam. A good co-locator with good bandwidth, IP addresses to spare and a good price/performance ratio.


Best of 2010

We’re less than twelve hours away from 2011 and we’re bombarded with Top 2010 rankings.

And with a great 2010 behind us I can’t resist to do a VMGuru – Best of 2010.

My personal highlights for 2010 are my new job at Imtech, the trip to VMworld Europe in Copenhagen and of course the interview with John Troyer on VMworld TV.

For VMGuru the articles which were best appreciated and visited are (in random order):

Besides the articles two other highlight are of course the awesome 13th place in Eric Siebert’s blog contest and the vExpert 2010 for Edwin, Anne Jan and myself.

We at VMGuru hope you enjoyed our website in 2010 and hope to see you again in 2011.

On behalf of the complete I would like to wish you all

a happy, healthy and virtually insane 2011!

Merry X-mas

This is one of the last articles for 2010 and what a beautiful year it has been.

  • A lot of new products like vSphere 4.1, Zimbra, View 4.5, ThinApp 4.5.
  • The vExpert 2010 achievement for three of the bloggers.
  • A great VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen and a packed VMUG event.
  • A new job for Edwin, Anne Jan and myself.

But 2011 also promises to be a great year with the expected release of vSphere 5, many improvements in View and maybe more job opportunities for members.

On behalf of the complete I would like to wish you all

a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and virtually great 2011!

I’m and I’ve just been overhauled!

Because we experienced more and more problems with the placement of our content we decided to give the website an overhauling.

We changed the theme we started with two years ago and replaced it with a cleaner and fresher look with two sidebars.

I hope you all like the new layout and keep visiting us. If you have any hints, tips and/or complaints don’t hesitate to contact us using comments, e-mail or even twitter. 2 year anniversary

Due to VMworld 2010, my job interviews and the problems with our Zimbra mail server we haven’t had the time to ‘celebrate’ our 2 year anniversary. So a bit late.

Two years ago, in October 2008, we started our website/blog called and we had an amazing first year. But our second year was even better….

First year
In our first year we managed to write 355 articles, generating 192.465 visits and 8.1M hits by 29.193 unique visitors.

Second birthday
During our second year we’ve tried to exceed our first year and despite some issues with the stability of our new server we succeeded.

We want to thank everybody who visited, supported us and gave us feedback. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and we hope we can keep you informed for another few years.


t minus 1 week

We are now one week from the start of VMworld Europe 2010 in the Bella Center in Copenhagen.

We’ve started packing our bags, preparing all photo-, video cameras and laptops and charging all batteries. This to make this a trip to remember as we will be awake from 6 AM to late in the evenings so we will not miss a thing and to give you all a sublime ‘live’ report from Copenhagen.

Our trip to Copenhagen will start on Sunday October 10th so we can attend the Partner Day of Monday. Throughout the week we will bring you articles, photos and videos ‘live’ from the breakout sessions, the labs, off course the solutions exchange and maybe some parties but we don’t want to give you the wrong impression ;-)

So check out from October 11th – 15th for ‘live’ reports from THE European virtualization event, VMworld Europe 2010!, 13th in Top 25 VMware blogs

We are very proud and honored to tell you that finished 13th in Eric Siebert’s blogger contest on which was won by Duncan Epping!

Last week we all asked you to vote for us if you appreciated our blog and apparently a lot of you did.

We appreciate your votes and want to thank all who voted for us and of course Eric Siebert.

Select the Vimeo video below to watch the vChat episode where Eric, David, Simon and Special Guest, John Troyer count down the Top 25 VMware Blogs as voted by you. The fragment where is awarded 13th place is at 25:35.

t minus 20 days

We are finally going to VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen! No thanks to our employer but many many thanks to Richard Garsthagen who provides us blogger invitations.

So we are counting down the days as we are very exited to attend VMworld again this year. I’m looking forward to Sunday October 10th as we drive to Copenhagen the day before the Partner Day.

To get in the mood here’s a video of the highlights of VMWorld Europe 2009.

Check out from 11 to 14 October  for ‘live’ reports from VMworld 2010 Copenhagen!

Blog competition, vote #1

It is time again for a new top blogger voting survey. Eric Siebert started the second competition of this year and again your votes will decide the winners and help decide the Top 25 VMware bloggers.

Last time we, at, were very honored to enter the list on a respectable 18th position but we want to climb the chart. Our goal is to enter the Top 15!

Since the last blog competition we published 72 articles and our website is visited by approximately 13.500 unique visitors per month. Because of our efforts VMware awarded us the vExpert status for the second year in a row.

So I hope you appreciate our time, effort, quality and content and vote #1 at

Merry X-Mas

The crew wishes you a merry Christmas.

Visit the dutch VMUG

On the 11th of December the anual Dutch VMUG conference will take place at the Nieuwegein Business Center. The final agenda has recently been published and judging on the names and topics it is going to be an awesome event again.

Not only will key representatives of several well known vendors present you the latest info; at the Dutch VMUG gurus like Eric Sloof, Luc Dekens and Bouke Groenescheij will take you on a journey to the trenches of virtualization. I can promise you that it will be worth it!

You can also meet some of the Dutch prominent bloggers which will be walking around and helping out during the event. And of course will also be present. Don’t hestitate to come by and say hi. 1 year anniversary

anniversary_1One year ago, October 13th, we announced our new website/blog called and October 15th we posted our first article ‘No guest customization after upgrade to Update 2′. Much has change since then….

The birth of
When, in August 2008, I changed my Internet provider I had to look for a new place to host my personal website. Luckily a colleague, Alex, has a web server on-line and offered to host it for me. The only thing I needed was a domain name, so I registered at NederHost and tried some domain names. Most were already taken but my first good one was, however I discarded the idea because my personal website has nothing to do with virtualization. After registering I decided to keep just for the fun of it. Maybe in the future me and some colleagues could do something nice with it.

When I mentioned the domain name again in the beginning of October 2008 Alex grabbed the opportunity and quickly deployed a website using WordPress. The idea was to use it to  share our knowledge and experiences with colleagues as we don’t have a good enough Intranet to do that. Quickly the idea broadened and we decided to share with the VMware/virtualization community which required us to write in English.

My first steps
From the start reactions were positive, with 851 visits and 80.316 hits for the remaining two weeks of October we were very surprised. In November the number of visitors grew to 4.538 and in December we had almost 10 times the number of visitors we had in October, 7.059 . In these first two and a half months we wrote 72 articles with subjects like ‘What if life was a virtual machine..‘, ‘VC Upgrade went haywire‘, ‘Faulty HP ESXi 3.5 USBs‘ and ‘Hyper-V, not in my datacenter!‘.

My first fight
In the beginning of February we ran into a nasty comment in the community claiming that we ‘stole’ someones domain name. It turned out to be a comment of Scott Herold ( who, after finding out a colleagues had registered ‘’ just to annoy him, discovered All ended in a fizzle, after explaining our intentions and the idea that we could both contribute to the community, each in our own way, all was well. Scott turned out to be a decent guy and we planned to meet up at VMworld in Cannes at the end of the month. We even did a video with him on!


A new blogger in town

Today we added a new blogger to!  Arjan van ‘t Hoff is a colleague from another division of Centric, Centric ITS.

Arjan is a great addition to because he works for another division of Centric which main focus is to sell hardware and software and hopefully this will add a new and fresh view.

We all hope to spot content from Arjan soon.